Year 2 Whitehaven museums trip

Image of Year 2 Whitehaven museums trip

In Year 2 we are learning about the history of significant people and events in Whitehaven. We spent the morning on a harbour trail with Alan from the Beacon museum. He told us all about the history of the harbour and the mines.  The children were very excited to see the sea locks being opened to…

Year 2 History Curriculum enrichment

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Woodmatters 2023 pt2

Image of Woodmatters 2023 pt2

Year 4 learned about the runic alphabet and had to decipher the instructions written in runes to find out how to make ink in the same way as the Anglo-Saxons. They also learned how parchment was made then made their own quill which they used to write their own message using the runic alphabet. 

Year 4 History Curriculum enrichment

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Hands on History

Image of Hands on History

Year 4 throughly enjoyed a day at Woodmatters learning about the Anglo-Saxon and Viking struggle for the kingdom of England. They re-enacted the entire period in history and battle formations using a range of artefacts. They had opportunities to use historical vocabulary and learn Norse words. 

Year 4 History

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Year 3 Stone Age to Iron Age Day

Image of Year 3 Stone Age to Iron Age Day

We had a great end to our History topic, impressing Ro with our knowledge about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. We enjoyed being a human timeline, making axes, engraving copper, hunter-gathering and fire starting like a nomad with flint knapping. 

Science Year 3 History

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Image of Remembrance

As part of learning about Remembrance Year 1 created poppies by finger printing.  The children reflected on why we wear poppies as a symbol of Remembrance for past and present conflict.  The children were interested to explore how there are other symbolic poppies that reflect the involvement of…

Latest News Year 1 History

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Y1 History Walk in Egremont

Image of Y1 History Walk in Egremont

In history year 1 are studying how shopping has changed in our community. Today we went to investigate the different varieties of shop in Egremont. Next we will compare today’s shops with the shops Egremont had in the past. We talked about which shops we felt are newer and which ones may have…

Year 1 History

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