St. Bridget’s Catholic Primary School Structure and Roles of Governing Body

Name of Governor Governor Category Sub Committees Additional Role(s) End of Office Date
Curriculum Finance &
Suzanne Smith Headteacher     Ex-Officio
Paul Farran Foundation   Safeguarding Lead 01.09.2021
Mark Newby Foundation     SEND Lead 01.09.2021
Mark Andrews Foundation     Maths Lead 01.09.2021
Paul McCarron Foundation     English Lead 31.12.2021
Michael McVeigh Foundation       26.03.2021
Melissa Pascoe Foundation     Chair of Finance Sub Committee 01.01.2022
Luke Murphy Foundation     Health & Safety Lead 01.09.2019
Vivian Newby Staff     Chair of Curriculum Sub Committee 01.09.2019
David Stead Local Authority       01.09.2019
Gillian Beckwith Foundation     Link governor 07.04.2021
Michelle Butler Parent       31.08.2021
Mark McVeigh Parent     Buildings Lead 31.08.2021
Patricia Jacques Co-opted     Attendance Lead Ex-Officio

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