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14 February 2019

Year 2 Library Visit Spring Term

Year 2 enjoyed visiting Egremont Library this morning to return their previously borrowed books and find a different book to borrow. They also really enjoyed listening to a story about mischievous monsters in a zoo. 

14 February 2019

Year 3 Prayer & Liturgy

  Today we had a wonderful ‘Prayer & Liturgy’ that was led by Lillia, Freya and Lacey.  We have been learning about Jewish festivals and have focused on The Passover.  They sympathetically planned around this independently and it was really engaging.  Added ...

14 February 2019

Y4 Volcanoes

As part of our topic on Volcanoes Emma made a volcano at home then brought all the ingredients into school to make it explode! She used washing up liquid, bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and red and yellow food colouring. We all waited in anticipation as as it ‘exploded’! Well done ...

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