Learning to Love, Pray and Grow Together as a Community in the Light of Jesus Christ


22 January 2019

School Council meeting

Our School Council met to discuss how we can make our school healthier. After discussions in all the classes lots of great ideas were put forward. Some of these included creating a ‘Fruit Tuck Shop’ for the juniors to encourage us to eat more fruit, guest runners to motivate us with o...

22 January 2019

Y4 Mini Water Cycles

Y4 made Mini water cycles to help them understand how ‘The Water Cycle’ works. They planted cress seeds in compost in a plastic cup with a small amount of water added then covered the cup with cling film. After a while,  the water from the compost evaporated into water vapou...

22 January 2019

Y4 Squash

Y4 enjoyed learning lots of new skills in their squash lesson at the Falcon Club. They learnt the importance of warming up, how to hold the racquet correctly, how to hit the ball and finished with some exercises to improve balance.     

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