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17 December 2018

The Elf’s snow angels

Today the elf has been back to his old tricks again, causing mayhem and mess. He decided to do some snow angels in the snow and then jumped on his sleigh and tried to blame it on the Nursery children. What a cheek!!!!  

17 December 2018

Y4 ice cube experiment

Year 4 have been learning about solid, liquids and gases. They had some ice cubes with gummy bears in and had to turn the ice into water to get the bear out to eat.  We then heated some ice in the kettle to turn it into a gas.

17 December 2018

Year 2 Gymnastics

Year 2 enjoyed using a range of different apparatus this morning to practise the skills they have learnt in gymnastics this term. They used different ways to move along the equipment and created their own shapes as well as traditional gymnastics poses.   

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