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20 November 2018

Football Club

Years 3 & 4 enjoy Football Club every Tuesday after school. As well keeping fit, they have all improved key skills and grown in confidence.   

19 November 2018

Y4 Egyptian workshop at Tullie House

We learnt all about mummification, Egyptian Gods, hieroglyphics and life by the Nile on our trip to Tullie House today. We took part in a ‘weighing of the heart ceremony’ to see if our prepared mummy Tutantullie had lead a good enough life to pass into the afterlife. The children were...

19 November 2018

Phunky Fit with Year 1

This week in Phunky Fit club the Year 1 children made an alternative breakfast called Get Up and Go Smoothies. They found out all the different ingredients and why they are good for our bodies.    

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