Teaching Staff

Mrs Smith


Mrs Palmer

Early Years Leader and Nursery Teacher

Mrs Boggon

Reception Teacher

Mrs Bond

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Robson

Year 1 Teacher

Miss McKendrey

Key Stage 1 Leader and Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Summerson

Year 3 Teacher

Miss Mancebo

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Newby

Key Stage 2 Leader and Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Taylor

Deputy Head, Year 6 Teacher and SENDCo

Senior Teaching Assistants

Mrs Bear

Senior Teaching Assistant Reception

Mrs Benn

Senior Teaching Assistant Year 1

Mrs Worsley

Senior Teaching Assistant Year 4

Mrs Nicholson

Senior Teaching Assistant Year 5

Miss Parr

Senior Teaching Assistant Year 6

Teaching Assistants

Miss Stephenson

Teaching Assistant Nursery

Mrs Price

Teaching Assistant Year 2


Miss Foxwell

Apprentice Teaching Assistant Nursery

Miss Deans

Apprentice Teaching Assistant Nursery

Miss Lawson

Apprentice Teaching Assistant Year 3

Miss Flynn

Apprentice Teaching Assistant Year 4

Miss Dougan

Apprentice Teaching Assistant Reception

Business Administration

Mrs Parr

School Business Manager

Miss McCabe

Apprentice Administrator

Kitchen Staff

Mr Neaves

Head Cook

Mrs Hartley

Assistant Cook

Mrs Garbino

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs McCrickard

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Quinn

Kitchen Assistant

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Byrne

Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs Dunnery

Mid-day Supervisor

Ms Rankin

Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs Smith

Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs Ferguson

Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs McClements

Mid-day Supervisor

Site Staff

Mr Livingstone

Site Manager

Mrs O'Neill