Science in Year 5

Image of Science in Year 5

In science Year 5 have been making a solution using water and salt. They learnt the terms solute, solvent and solution. They looked at the water when they first added the salt then stirred it and compared how it had changed. They realised that the salt had combined with the water to make a…

Science Year 5

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Youth Mental Health Day 2023 Y5

Image of Youth Mental Health Day 2023 Y5

Today was Youth Mental Health Day and the theme for this year was #BeBrave. We talked about how focusing on what it takes to be brave can give you courage and confidence to achieve your goals and ambitions and be the best version of yourself. We were all able to give examples of when we were brave…

Year 5 PSHE

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School Council Year 5

Image of School Council Year 5

Today the Y5 children voted for who they wanted to represent them as a class on the School Council. The children who wanted to be considered all prepared speeches explaining why they would be good for the job. The two children elected are excited to start their new role. 

School Council Latest News Year 5 PSHE

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Y5 Artist

Image of Y5 Artist

A huge congratulations to Faith who came 2nd place in a competition run by the Harbour Commission. She painted this amazing picture of Stella the seal. We are very impressed and so proud of her!

Latest News Year 5 Art

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Year 5 and 6 Trip to Walby Farm Park

Image of Year 5 and 6 Trip to Walby Farm Park

Year 5 and 6 had a fantastic time at Walby Farm Park to mark the end of term.They thoroughly enjoyed exploring the Play Barn and challenging themselves to go down the steep red slide. They had so much fun playing hide and seek in the Roman fort. The day was rounded off with an icecream to help…

News Latest News Year 5 Year 6

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GB Paralympic Footballer in School

Image of GB Paralympic Footballer in School

We had a fantastic time this morning completing a sports circuit with Jonathan Paterson team GB Paralympic Footballer. Afterwards we learnt all about how he achieved his dream of becoming an Olympic athlete. He certainly inspired us to work hard, believe in ourselves and to always do our best.

Physical Education News Year 5

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Year 5 Library Visit

Image of Year 5 Library Visit

Year 5 enjoyed their trembly visit to Egremont Library today. They returned their books from last time and chose a new one. They read the blurb to help them decide if they would be interested in it. Once they had chosen book they had some quiet time to sit and enjoy it. 

English Year 5 Reading

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Year 5 Orienteering

Image of Year 5 Orienteering

Year 5 went to Muncaster Castle to practice their orienteering skills and reading Ordnance Survey maps. They had to follow the map to certain points then find the hidden letter. They used their knowledge of Ordnance survey map symbols to help them. We also had time for some fun on the play parks! 

Year 5 Geography

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Year 5 Cross Country Fitness Challenge

Image of Year 5 Cross Country Fitness Challenge

A huge well done to all the children who ran in the Cross Country Fitness Challenge today. They all did extremely well in the heat and were happy to be cooled down with water pistols at the end. Congratulations to Alfie who set a new course record! We are waiting to see if we are the most improved…

Physical Education Year 5

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