Year 5 Phunky Foods Ambassadors

Image of Year 5 Phunky Foods Ambassadors

Year 5 Phunky Foods Ambassadors gave an assembly today all about food waste. We learnt that everyday in the UK we throw away 24 million slices of bread, 5.9 million glasses of milk and 5.8 million potatoes. Our Ambassadors would like us all to try and waste less food by only serving up what we can…

Phunky Foods Year 5

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Astronomer Visits Year 5

Image of Astronomer Visits Year 5

To enhance Year 5’s learning on ‘Earth and Space’ they had a talk from an amateur astronomer. They learnt all about star constellations, nebulas, supernovas and the planets. Mr. Hunt told them about the different types of telescopes you can use to study the sky at night and why we are lucky to…

Science Year 5

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Year 5 Saint Patrick’s Day

Image of Year 5 Saint Patrick’s Day

Year 5 went to church this morning to celebrate their class saint St. Patrick. Father Groody told us that  St. Patrick was actually born within our own parish at Ravenglass in about the year 400 before he moved to Ireland. We finished the service with a wonderful rendition of ‘Hail Glorious Saint…

Year 5 Class Saints

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Year 5 Science Investigation

Image of Year 5 Science Investigation

Year 5 carried out an investigation to see if they could make a sturdy structure out of uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows. They discovered that the more triangles they included in their structure the stronger and less wobbly it was. They also learnt about what STEM means and what jobs require…

Science Year 5

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Year 5 Ball Skills

Image of Year 5 Ball Skills

Year 5 enjoyed a warm up game of ‘Chain Tag’ in PE. They had to work together as a team to catch the whole class and make one long chain. This was followed by relay games where they practiced ball skills such as dribbling, changing direction and passing. 

Physical Education Year 5

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World Maths Day 2023

Image of World Maths Day 2023

On World Maths Day Year 5 learnt about how important maths is in everyday life. They looked at famous mathematicians (men and women)  from the past and how they have helped shape the world we live in. 
They also designed their own board games with lots of maths questions on to be answered…

Maths Year 5

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Year 5 Wonder Dome

Image of Year 5 Wonder Dome

Y5 had a great time in the Wonderdome. They enjoyed watching  a 3D film called ‘ We Are All Aliens’ and learnt lots of interesting facts about space. The session ended with a short film about the first moon landing followed by a scientifically accurate version of ‘ Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’…

Science Year 5

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Year 5 World Book Day 2023

Image of Year 5 World Book Day 2023

Year 5 have enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day 2023 and taking part in lots of book related activities. We designed a new book cover for the book we are reading ‘Boy in the Tower’ by Poly Ho-Yen. We also became synonym detectives and searched in the book for words with a similar meaning to the…

English Latest News Year 5

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Safer Internet Day 2022

Image of Safer Internet Day 2022

We have been learning about the importance of taking time to talk about life online. We discussed what worries us, what we should do about it and if we had the power to fix one online safety issue what would it be and how would we do it. 

Computing Year 5

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