Our Vision

At St Bridget’s we teach music to develop children’s self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. Children will be taught how to perform, compose, listen, reflect and appraise. Children are taught a wide range of musical skills and have the opportunity to play an instrument. They are taught to develop their love of music and encouraged to show their talents as a musician.  

Our Aims

  • To promote a balanced, inclusive, progressive curriculum with appropriate cross curriculum links.
  • For children to be able to perform, listen, review and evaluate their own work to become confident composers and musicians.
  • To provide an inclusive education bearing in mind the particular needs of all pupils within the school.
  • To use their voice to create music as well as have the opportunity to play a musical instrument or use technology to compose and perform music.
  • To learn how to use pitch, rhythm, beat, texture and other musical dimensions to explore music and the work of musicians.  


Our Curriculum

Early Years- Our children in the Early Years follow the Development Matters document where we ensure they have the experiences to use their voices and play musical instruments. They will learn to create their own music and songs. Children can use their ideas and feelings to explore musical elements and experiences. Reception will follow the scheme of Charanga.

Key Stage One- While following the National Curriculum we ensure that children have the opportunities to perform, review, compose and evaluate their own music using their voices or musical instruments. They will have the chance to listen to a range of music and reflect. The children will make their own sounds and be able to experiment with sound, rhythm and beat. They will follow the scheme of Charanga.

Key Stage Two- Our children will develop their understanding of different genres of music as well as the sounds of a variety of musical instruments. They will have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument and use their voices to perform solo and in groups. Children will gain a greater understanding of composing and recording their own music. They will be encouraged to add their own musical creativeness and ideas. They will follow the scheme of Charanga.


To enrich the children’s learning the children will use the music scheme of Charanga, which gives children the opportunities to listen, compose and review different styles of music. Their skills and knowledge are built upon as they progress through the school. Children in Key Stage Two have the chance to take part in an end of year performance in the Summer Term. Past shows have been ‘The Wizard of Oz’, ‘The Sound of Music’ and ‘Oliver’. Children can also join our school choir, who often perform at public events in the community as well as competitions. At Christmas the children perform in Nativity plays and a Christmas carol concert. Children have the opportunity to learn an instrument in Key Stage Two. In the Early Years and Key Stage One children have the opportunity to play and explore sounds and music with lots of different instruments such bells, shakers and drums.

Music Long Term plan


Music- knowledge and skills Reception



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