St. Bridget’s Beacons

St. Bridget’s Beacons are chosen by the teachers in school and hold their positions for a term.

Main purposes of the job

To support the class teacher

Beacon Person Specification

  • homework always completed
  • home reading and times tables (where appropriate) practised at home
  • exemplary behaviour
  • friendly
  • polite
  • correct uniform at all times
  • exemplary attendance and punctuality
  • gives 100% effort at all times

Main responsibilities and tasks

  • lead prayers in class
  • always stand at the front and back of lines
  • responsible for ensuring all locker doors are closed
  • ensure pencils are sharpened and resources are available
  • assembly duty (Year 6)

We are delighted to introduce our Class Beacons for the Spring Term (2024)