Science at St. Bridget’s

Our Science Curriculum at St. Bridget’s aims to build on the children’s natural awe and wonder of the world around them.  Science is taught with an emphasis on the pupils engaging in practical enquiry to support and develop their understanding of scientific concepts and skills.  Each Science area studied begins with the children drawing their own concept map to show what they know at the beginning.  The concept map is then reviewed again at the end of the topic when the children can add all their learning.  This encourages the children to be involved in assessing their own learning journey.

Teachers ensure that the children’s ideas are used as a basis for scientific enquiry.  Children are encouraged to record their investigations using the relevant skills. Cross-curricular links are used to enhance learning where appropriate.  Emphasis is placed on learning key scientific vocabulary and using it in the correct context.

We love to use our own outdoor classroom environment where possible to learn about the world around us; this ranges from hunting for mini-beasts, identifying different leaves, investigating materials, to name a few. The children have a positive attitude towards the subject and this is further fostered through our annual Science and Engineering Week.  Relevant Scientists’ works and their lives are explored throughout the year to show how their work influences and affects our everyday lives.  Children enjoy visits to develop their learning and receive workshops from outside speakers.



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