Year 3 Sports Day

Year 3 had a great time at Sports Day today. Each team did their best and ended with an ice cream. Well done to our winners Red Team and a huge well done to all children who competed.

Physical Education

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Year 3 enjoy The Roman Senhouse Museum

Year 3 had a wonderful time at the Roman Senhouse Museum at Maryport. They got to see the remains of a real Roman Fort and view look out posts. They were introduced to our new history topic for next half term in a fun and interactive way. Within the museum, they saw Roman remains that were over…


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Year 3 celebrate World Book Day

Year 3 had a fantastic day on the 3rd of March, World Book Day. They were very busy writing book reviews, designing book covers, discussing their favourite books and characters and then enjoyed a cosy read with the children from Reception. A great day


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Year3 explore the soil - Is it just dirt?

During our study of rocks we have been considering how soil is made and what it is made of. We had a close look at the different layers within the soil and used sieves and magnifying glasses to see what we could find in it. We found lots of unexpected creatures and dug deep to reveal sand and…


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Year 3 Maths Week

Year 3 enjoyed Maths week, this week. They were solving problems linked to addition and subtraction, doing an outdoor maths treasure hunt and practicing times tables skills to compete in England Rocks on TTR. 


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