Year 3 Internet Safety Day

Image of Year 3 Internet Safety Day

Year 3 learnt all about AI, artificial intelligence. Where we use it in our everyday life, without even realising it!! When we use our phone, in our car, using Alexa, taking photos, using an internet search and so on. We created a poster to illustrate the opportunities and risks of using AI in our…

Computing Year 3 PSHE

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Number Day in Year 3

Image of Number Day in Year 3

Year 3 had a great day, looked fantastic in non-uniform and raised money for the NSPCC. During Number Day today we did a Maths Challenge, played games and tested out estimates for how many activities we can do in 1 minute. Shuttles, burpees, lunges, squats, jumps and star jumps.

They were…

Maths Year 3 Curriculum enrichment PSHE

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Stone Age to Iron age

Image of Stone Age to Iron age

Year 3 had a fantastic time consolidating and learning about the Stone Age to the Iron Age. They had great fun taking part in axe making, copper art engraving, timeline construction, studying artefacts, Hunter gathering, making fire, examining poo and animal skulls.


Year 3 History Curriculum enrichment

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Year 3 asked: Why do we have muscles?

Image of Year 3 asked: Why do we have muscles?

We have been learning all about a healthy lifestyle, food and exercise.  We have studied the 3 main functions of our skeleton, to protect, support and help movement. We now know that we have 3 different types of muscle, they move in different ways and have different function. Some muscles move…

Science Year 3

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