Year 3 enjoy World Book Day

Today, Year 3 celebrated World Book Day by wearing their pyjamas and sharing their favourite books. They drew alternative front covers and listened to stories before creating their own comic strip adventure. 

English Year 3

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Year 3 Safer Internet Day 2021

Children in Year 3 watched two live lessons and took part in several activities which made them question how far we can trust what we find online. They decided that they couldn’t trust everything they see online and know that certain measures are in place to help them to stay safe whilst online. 

Computing HRSE

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Sensational Stone Age Homes

All of the children have been working so hard to create their Stone Age Homes. Having studied Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic homes at school; children and parents helped to create some breathtaking houses over 3 weeks for homework. A huge success and fun to do too!


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Year 3 Mental Health Day

Year 3 looked great in their non-uniform for the day to raise money for mental health resources in school.

They enjoyed exploring their feelings, learning what emotional well-being was and how to handle negative feelings. They also enjoyed some mindful colouring and drawing. They reflected on…

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Year 3 are super scientists

We had an amazing day on Friday. We carried out a plant investigation to see what plants need to grow. We had a fun filled practical workshop with Mrs Robson and ended the day with making our own volcanoes. 

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Year 3 have great fun during World Book Day

We loved being in our pyjamas all day today and shared books with Year 4, in the sunshine. We wrote book reviews about our favourite books, designed bookmarks, used the internet to research our favourite authors and listened to our class novel with hot chocolate, cream, marshmallows and biscuits.


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Writing a recipe for making pancakes!

Today we celebrated Shrove Tuesday by making pancakes and writing a recipe to describe how we made them. We learnt the key features of an instructional text and enjoyed choosing our preferred toppings. Yummy!

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