Year 3 English Text Creations

We have been reading a graphic text in English lessons for the last two weeks. The characters in the text created animals using sticks, mud, pebbles, leaves nuts and stones. We wrote descriptions about fantastical animals that we would like to create. We illustrated them in the style of Dave…


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Year 3 link Science to their design and technology day

Year 3 had a great time on design and technology day, making garden flowers and planters from re-cycled bottles. This linked nicely to our science topic on plants. The children enjoyed painting and bending the plastic bottles to make garden decorations and flower planters hung with ribbon. 

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Year 3 Share Happy Thoughts

We discussed that a healthy mind is a happy mind. We shared our happy thoughts with each other and sent them to parents too. They help to create our happiest thoughts.


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Painting nature: Bluebell Wood at Muncaster Castle

We found the beautiful bluebell woods of Muncaster Castle to be such a natural wonder. We analysed it, sketched out the main lines to gain perspective and then couldn’t wait to paint it. We did a great job of using perspective, colour washes and painting techniques to create…


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Investigating the best material for curtains

Year 3 were investigating which material was best for curtains and tested which material was good at blocking out light. They tried a variety of materials and most children discovered that dark polyester was most effective. They measured the strength and size of the shadow created and considered…

Science Year 3

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