Tag Rugby in Y6

Y6 were joined by coaches of Egremont RUFC for a morning of Tag Rugby. They were taught passing skills, how to form a defensive line and practised scoring tries. A great morning in glorious sunshine which everyone really enjoyed. 

Physical Education Year 6

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British Science Week Bridge Building in Y6

As part of our Science week, Y6 were joined by a representative from Kier Construction and Engineering. The children were set a task of designing and building a bridge using spaghetti and marshmallows. They had to consider a range of structures and design a bridge that would be strong, secure and…

Science Year 6 D&T

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Design and Technology in Y6

Y6’s Design and Technology topic this term asked the question: How string is a piece of spaghetti? The children refined their engineering and design skills by experimenting with ways to make the strongest type of structures to hold a selection of weights. They discovered that strong bases and…

Year 6 D&T

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Y6 Play in a Day 2022

Y6 were lucky enough to be joined by Jason from the Lynx theatre company to work on their own production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The children have been studying this text in their English lessons and after a day of lots of rehearsals and hard work they were able to produce and perform the whole…

Latest News Year 6

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Y6 Remembrance Poppy Watercolours

To mark remembrance day, Y6 drew poppies and used the watercolours to reflect the sombre and reflective mood of the day. They then outlined their designs to make them stand out and evaluated their work effectively. 

Year 6 Art

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Y6 Class Novel

Y6 are thoroughly enjoying their Autumn term class novels Street Child by Berlie Dougherty. 
The novel tells the story of a Victorian street orphan who is fighting for his life on the dirty streets of London. Y6 are enjoying every chapter and have found endless opportunities for writing from the…


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Y6 Trashion Show

Y6 enjoyed a design and technology day creating “fashion” from recyclable items. The theme was “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” and they certainly did that. Working in small teams, they created a selection of weird and wonderful items of clothing and showed their designs off on the cat-walk. 

Design and Technology

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