Design and technology can provide an enjoyable opportunity for pupils to work safely in a variety of practical problem solving activities. These will enable pupils to develop a variety of skills through working with a range of materials to produce outcomes which can be tested and used. Through the teaching and learning of design and technology, we aim to foster enjoyment, satisfaction and purpose in designing and making. Pupils will also develop the social skills required to work as a member of team as well as the ability to work independently.

Design and technology is taught mainly through the class topics each term, whilst meeting the National Curriculum requirements. All classes take part in the Enterprise challenge each year. Classes are given an amount of money to make and produce products for sale. The class who makes the largest profit wins the Enterprise trophy.

In Key Stage 1, pupils engage with the process of designing and making through a variety of creative and practical activities. They will generate, develop, model and communicate ideas. Pupils will select from and use a range of tools, equipment and a wide range of materials to create purposeful, functional and appealing products.

In Key Stage 2, pupils will develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of the designing and making process. They will investigate and analyse a range of existing products, develop design criteria and apply their understanding of technical systems in their products.



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