Image of Reception Easter egg hunt 2024
28 March 2024

Reception Easter egg hunt 2024

Reception took part in an Easter egg hunt and ran around our outdoor area looking for chocolate eggs. They found plastic eggs filled with chocolate, chocolate foil eggs and even marshmallow bunnies. Lots of fun even in the rain! 

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Image of Easter Nests in Reception
27 March 2024

Easter Nests in Reception

Reception had lots of fun making Easter nest cakes. They explored what happens when chocolate is melted and then mixed in with the rice crispies. Everyone had a go at stirring and putting the mixture into the cases. The final touch was adding some mini eggs into the nests. It was lots of…

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Image of Reception and Nursery 1’s Easter Bonnet parade
26 March 2024

Reception and Nursery 1’s Easter Bonnet parade

Our Reception and Nursery 1 children took part in our annual Easter Bonnet parade by singing some Easter songs and parading in our Easter hats, that had been made at home. Parents and carers came to watch us too. 

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Image of Chicks, chicks and more chicks
19 March 2024

Chicks, chicks and more chicks

Our Reception chicks have been growing and growing each day and are now free to explore. They love eating greens and toast and we have been learning how to look after them including giving them food and clean water. 

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Image of Muncaster Castle trip for Reception 2024
15 March 2024

Muncaster Castle trip for Reception 2024

Reception went on a trip to Muncaster Castle to see the owls and birds of prey. We went climbing and sliding up in the quarry and had a turn on the giant swing. The lovely owl handlers from Muncaster Castle set up an owl show for us to watch, with lots of owls showing us how they can fly including…

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Image of Our Reception hatching chicks
14 March 2024

Our Reception hatching chicks

This week we had our special delivery of chick eggs. They arrived and were put into the incubator until they hatched. 9 of them hatched through the night, but the last one hatched when the children were in school and they got to witness the hatching of a chick. Now they are in their own chick box…

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Image of Hammer and nail skills
7 March 2024

Hammer and nail skills

In Reception we have been learning how to use a hammer and nails safely. The children put on their safety clothes such as a hat, googles and vest. They then learnt how to hold the nail correctly and hit it with the hammer without hitting their finger. Lots of construction workers in the…

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Image of World Book Day in Reception 2024
7 March 2024

World Book Day in Reception 2024

We celebrated World Book Day in Reception by dressing as our favourite book character or in pjs. The children brought a book to share and we played a game of guess the character by listening to clues from different traditional stories and guessing the correct character or object. In the afternoon…

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Image of Dodgeball in Reception
29 February 2024

Dodgeball in Reception

Continuing our team games in PE, Reception played their first game of dodgeball. The children were split into teams and the rules were explained. The children then had to hit the other team with the ball or they were out. Lots of skills were used, such as team work, avoiding the balls and throwing…

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Image of Making toast
25 February 2024

Making toast

In Reception we have been learning about time such as using timers and ordering things in a sequence. To end the week we made a numbered sequence of how to make toast in order. The children then followed this and made their own toast, including spreading their own butter and cutting the toast into…

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Image of Team games in Reception
22 February 2024

Team games in Reception

In Reception we have been learning how to play team games in PE. The children were split into two teams with one team turning the cones one way and the other team having to turn them back. We then counted up how many each team had at the end and one team was the winner! We learnt how to play as a…

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Image of How we have changed
22 February 2024

How we have changed

In Maths we have been learning about time and how time can be measured. We talked about the order of the day and how we sequence time and how things change. We then looked at the changes in ourselves over time and how we are very different to when we were a baby. Some of the children brought in…

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