World Maths Day Reception

Image of World Maths Day Reception

For the week of World Maths Day Reception were learning about 3D shapes. We looked at a cone, pyramid, cube, cuboid, sphere and cylinder. The children played guess the shape by putting their hand in a bag and feeling the shape without looking, found 3D shapes in our classroom and also made…

Maths Reception

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Reception’s World Book Day

Image of Reception’s World Book Day

After reading our story of the week ‘Dear Zoo’, the children were given clues that we had to read to help them find the missing animals. The children worked as a team to find them all and even stopped the Big Bad Wolf from eating the puppy! The children came in dressed as their favourite character…

English Reception

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Gymnastics skills in Reception

Image of Gymnastics skills in Reception

While half of our class went to a sports competition, the other children practised their gymnastics skills from this half term on the apparatus. We used skills such as balancing, jumping and climbing. The children have been perfecting their skills over the last few weeks and have really built up…

Physical Education Reception

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We are all connected

Image of We are all connected

As it was Mental Health Awareness week we read the story of, 'The Invisible String' in Reception, which is about how we are all connected by invisible strings to the people we love. The children then said who they were connected to. We played a game of passing a hoop around the circle without…

Reception PSHE PSHE

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Planets and rockets

Image of Planets and rockets

In Reception we have started to learn about the topic of 'Space'. The children have been learning the names of the different planets and making them in the right colours with collage. We now know that Mars is the red planet and it is hot and Neptune is a cold planet and it is blue. The children…

Science Reception

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Reception visiting church

Image of Reception visiting church

In Reception we have been learning about what happens in a church and what we might find in there. We went for a visit to our church next door, St Mary's. The children enjoyed learning about the pews and altar and also looking at the different statues and candles. We were very quiet inside and the…

Religious Education Reception

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