Alice in Wonderland

On a lovely, sunny, Summer day, we celebrated the end of our Topic Alice in Wonderland with a Mad Hatters Tea Party, which saw the children making their own sandwiches and making shopping lists for party food, writing invitations and planning the party!  
We have immersed ourselves in wonderful,…


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The Great Castle Creation

For our D and T project, we decided to make a Castle, which linked to our Wonderland and Traditional Tales theme! Every single person in our class had a specific job role, from designers and builders to painters and decorators.  We had to discuss how best to join things and had to make alterations…


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Reception Move Up Day

Reception class enjoyed a lovely morning trying out their new Year 1 classroom.  We made England flags, paper chains and sang football songs.  We enjoyed working on some art work that will be in our class when we return in September.  Our favourite part was playing on the new castle.   Mrs Robson…

Latest News Reception

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Maths Wizards

We have started our new phase of learning in Maths.  We have enjoyed sharing out raisins and our role play food fairly.  We loved working out odds and evens by sharing cubes and other resources into two groups and seeing if there was one left over, which means it’s an odd number. Our problem…


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A Rumpus in Reception!

Our topic of Where the Wild Things Are has come to an end! We have used Story Telling Language to improve the words we use when we tell and write stories.  We have created environments that included islands and seaweed for magical creatures and had lots of fun thinking about Wild Things!  We…

Reception Music

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Getting back to Nature

We have had a lovely week becoming more aware of Mental Health and how we can keep our minds happy and healthy.  We have worked with natural things that we have collected whilst out with our families, to make temporary art pieces, role play with seaweed in the water area, make petal sun catchers…


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Ascension Day

The children listened carefully to the story of Jesus telling his Disciples and Mary, his mother, that everything would be alright, that they must look after each other and that he would ascend to Heaven to be with his Father there.  The children were intrigued and we talked about how Jesus may…

Religious Education

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Mindful Moments

As Mental Health Awareness Week began, we decided to go outside as we have realised that just being outside, whatever the weather, helps calm us and helps us to learn.  We looked around the playground and found some quiet places to sit beside our flowers.

We concentrated on our breathing…


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Camera, Lights, Action!

Over the last few weeks we have been practising story telling and have enjoyed added expression to our voices.  In our Computing lessons, we have already learnt how to take a photograph, but this week, we looked at recording each other in a video. We loved it and became very professional, nodding…


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Celebrating St. George’s Day

St. George is our Class Saint!  We have celebrated today listening and learning about St. George.  We loved the story about him slaying the dragon and rescuing the Princess.  We thought about dragons and wrote lots of different adjectives to describe a dragon.  We made crowns and St. George’s…

Religious Education History

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Moon Landing

We have had so much fun learning about Space and the Moon!  It has been one of the most exciting Topics we have learnt about!  As we came to an end, the children wanted to know more about Man on the Moon!  We watched a video clip of the first Moon Walk and we talked a lot about gravity!  We look…

Science Design and Technology

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