Reception pet encounters

Image of Reception pet encounters

Today we had a special visit from Pet encounters who brought some of their lovely animals to see us. There was Henry the Parrrot, a snake, a tarantula, Cheese the mouse and Romeo and Juliet the cockroaches. Lots of children were very brave and held or stroked the animals. What fab visitors to have…

Reception Curriculum enrichment

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Our pebble families in Reception

Image of Our pebble families in Reception

We have been learning about our families in Reception and we created our own picture using different pebbles. The children decided what pebbles would be each family member due to size and shape. They even included their pets too.

Reception PSHE

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Reception athletes

Image of Reception athletes

As part of our gymnastics and athletes sessions with our sports coach, the children have been learning how to throw, hit and catch a ball. They have been learning how to throw under arm and over arm and catch a ball with one hand and two hands. They also learnt how to hit a ball along the floor…

Physical Education Reception

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Move up Day

Image of Move up Day

Reception had a lovely morning in Year 1. We learnt where everything is in our new class. We loved playing in our new yard.  Mrs Robson and Mrs Benn are looking forward to seeing you all in September. 


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Problem solving in Reception

Image of Problem solving in Reception

In Reception we have been learning how to problem solve including problems such as what material will build the longest bridge, which animals will not make the boat sink and how to build Mr Gumpy’s motor car. The children read the story, ‘Mr Gumpy’s motor car’ and planned and built it outside…

Maths Reception

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EYFS Sports Day 2023

Image of EYFS Sports Day 2023

Reception and Nursery took part in our EYFS Sports Day. They all took part in 5 races, a running race, jumping race, backwards race, hoop race and an egg and spoon race. The children made all the staff very proud and all had lots of fun! Thank you to everyone who came to watch, the weather even…

Physical Education Reception Nursery

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Gymnastics sessions with a coach

Image of Gymnastics sessions with a coach

This half term Reception have gymnastics sessions with a coach. So far we have learnt how to do a forward roll, a long roll and different gymnastics poses such as tuck, straddle and star.  We have also been learning how to safely use apparatus. Lots of great skills to learn ready for Year 1. 

Physical Education Reception

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Our visit from an author

Image of Our visit from an author

An author called Sean Perkins came to visit us in school and shared his book called, ‘Oscar and Ben and the Birthday Party’. He shared the story, sang a song and taught the children how to draw one of the cat characters. The children loved the story and some even bought a signed copy of the book. 

English Reception

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