Me and My Family

Image of Me and My Family

This week we have been finding out about our families. 

We used family photos to help us create our pebble families, showing who we lived with. We also talked about the members of our family who live in different houses to us.
We then talked about our names and how they were unique and special…

Religious Education Nursery

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First few days in Nursery

Image of First few days in Nursery

Wow, what an amazing first few days back in Nursery. 

We have loved welcoming everyone, both old and new, into Nursery this week. 

We have enjoyed lots of sun, sand and water play in our outdoor area as well as lots of stories, songs and messy play. 

We have shared all things summer…


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Nursery Fun Day 2023

Image of Nursery Fun Day 2023

What a fabulous fun day we had yesterday! 

We loved getting our faces painted and jungle tattoos! We also enjoyed an ice cream treat, playing hook a duck and all the party games you can think of! 


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Nursery Outdoor Art

Image of Nursery Outdoor Art

Over the last few weeks in Nursery we have been learning about an artist called Andy Goldsworthy. We have learnt that he used outdoor materials like leaves, pebbles and sticks to create his artwork. We also learnt by looking at pictures of Andy Goldsworthy’s work that he used lots of circular…

Nursery Art Curriculum enrichment

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Nursery St Bee’s Trip

Image of Nursery St Bee’s Trip

Last week our eldest Nursery children enjoyed a fantastic day out to the beach at St Bee’s to celebrate the end of their Nursery journey before moving up to Reception. They were very excited about the bus journey to St Bee’s and we compared this to the story we had been reading ‘The Train Ride’…

Nursery Curriculum enrichment

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Music and feelings in Nursery

Image of Music and feelings in Nursery

Over the last few weeks in Nursery we have been listening to different types of music and talking about how they make us feel - happy, calm, sad. Our favourite types of music have been the ones that make us feel happy and calm. 

We have also had a go at making marks on paper to show the type of…

Nursery Music

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EYFS Sports Day 2023 Nur

Image of EYFS Sports Day 2023 Nur

Reception and Nursery took part in our EYFS Sports Day. They all took part in 5 races, a running race, jumping race, backwards race, hoop race and an egg and spoon race. The children made all the staff very proud and all had lots of fun! Thank you to everyone who came to watch, the weather even…

Physical Education Reception Nursery

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Nursery Cutting Skills

Image of Nursery Cutting Skills

This week we have been practising our cutting skills. 

To link in with our story of the week, ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ we had a bear and the different story characters to cut out, helping us to retell the story.
We used a range of scissors including loop scissors and normal scissors to…


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Nursery Maths and Computing

Image of Nursery Maths and Computing

Last week in Nursery we combined our computing and maths skills to complete a job. 

We were using the iPads on an interactive game of counting the ladybird spots. 

Lots of children were able to practise their subsidising skills for numbers 1-3, and some children were able to subsidise…

Maths Computing Nursery

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Kidz Fit in Nursery

Image of Kidz Fit in Nursery

What a super time we have had doing the Kidzfit workshop today!

We have exercised our bodies, felt our heart beat and learnt more about healthy eating and keeping our bodies healthy. We know you need to eat 5 pieces of fruit or vegetables a day, drink 8 glasses of water a day and milk is also…

Physical Education Reception Nursery

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Baking in Nursery

Image of Baking in Nursery

Last week and this week we have been practising our baking skills in  Nursery.

Last week, we mixed together flour, sugar, butter and eggs to make cakes. We were also able to mix together some icing sugar and water and red food colouring to decorate our cakes, once they had cooled. 


Nursery Curriculum enrichment

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Nursery Name Writing

Image of Nursery Name Writing

Over the last few days we have been trying really hard at practising our name writing. We are working hard to form the letters in our names correctly.
Some of us have also been able to practise some of our phonics sounds too.

Best of all, we have loved being outside enjoying the sunshine and…


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