Children’s Mental Health Week 2021

During Mental Health awareness week Y5 learnt about the importance of Well being and made posters to show how this can be achieved. We discussed what we like doing to make us feel happy and made worry boxes to put all our worries in so we can focus on happy things instead.

Year 5 HRSE Home Learning

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Y6 Art Perspective Drawing

Our Y6 children were once again challenged to refine their drawing skills in their Art lesson this week. They learnt ways to demonstrate perspective and both the children learning at home and in school produced some impressive results. 

Year 6 Art Home Learning

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Magic from Our Reception Children

Along with their work on shape and number and following all their Speed Sound sessions, the Reception children talked about the Gruffalo’s friend, the kind witch, who invited all her animal friends to share her broom until it was too heavy and it snapped in two!  The children were challenged to…

Reception Home Learning

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Tudor houses

This week Year 2 learned about the impact of the Great Fire of London then spent the rest of the week working on a design technology project. They had to use their knowledge of what Tudor houses were made from to create their own models of a Tudor house showing as much detail as possible. They…

D&T History Home Learning

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