Making toast

Image of Making toast

In Reception we have been learning about time such as using timers and ordering things in a sequence. To end the week we made a numbered sequence of how to make toast in order. The children then followed this and made their own toast, including spreading their own butter and cutting the toast into…

Maths Reception

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Image of Money

Year 2 are currently working on money during their maths lesson. Today they explored ways to make a pound using a variety of coins.


Maths Year 2

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Year 5 Visit Lowry Exhibition At The Beacon

Image of Year 5 Visit Lowry Exhibition At The Beacon

Year 5 were very excited to visit the Beacon this morning to see their work on display. Last term they took part in a workshop in school and created a diorama of  Lowry’s painting ‘The Mill Scene’. This is now part of the exhibition which has Lowry paintings on loan from Salford Art Museum. We…

Latest News Year 5 Art

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Team games in Reception

Image of Team games in Reception

In Reception we have been learning how to play team games in PE. The children were split into two teams with one team turning the cones one way and the other team having to turn them back. We then counted up how many each team had at the end and one team was the winner! We learnt how to play as a…

Physical Education Reception

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‘My Voice Matters’ Year 1 make worry dolls

Image of ‘My Voice Matters’ Year 1 make worry dolls

As part of our learning during Children’s Mental Health Week Year 1 made their own worry dolls. The theme of Mental Health Week was ‘My Voice Matters’. We shared together that all our feelings matter. We role played how to share our worries and to talk to our friends and trusted adults. We created…

Year 1 PSHE

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How we have changed

Image of How we have changed

In Maths we have been learning about time and how time can be measured. We talked about the order of the day and how we sequence time and how things change. We then looked at the changes in ourselves over time and how we are very different to when we were a baby. Some of the children brought in…

Maths Reception

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What is Shabbat?

Image of What is Shabbat?

Year 2 have been learning about the Jewish day of rest called Shabbat. They found out about how Jews prepare for Shabbat each week and what happens during Shabbat. The children tasted bread that is very similar to Challah bread and used their senses to write poems relating to what Jews would…

Religious Education Year 2 Other Cultures

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Year 4 Gymnastics

Year 4 Gymnastics

Year 4 reviewed their gymnastics skills today. They focused on:

- travelling (hopping, skipping and leaping) 

- jumping (pencil, straddle and star) 

- rolling (rock, teddy bear, pencil and forward roll) 

- balancing (front support, back support, arabesque, shoulder stand and bridge) 

Physical Education Year 4

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Children’s Mental Health Week 2024 in Year 2

Image of Children’s Mental Health Week 2024 in Year 2

This year’s theme for Children’s Mental Health Week is ‘My Voice Matters’. The children in Year 2 have been reflecting on what matters of them in their immediate world and the wider world. The. children thought deeply  about this and represented what matters most to…

Year 2 PSHE

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