Interviewing Parish Helpers

Today in R.E. we welcomed Mrs O’Neil into class.  We have been learning about people who help in our parish.  Last week the children prepared questions to ask Mrs O’Neil about how she helps in church, singing in the choir; helping within the parish centre and why she does this. We learnt about…

Religious Education Year 1

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Year 3 Stone Age to Iron Age Day

We had a great end to our History topic, impressing Ro with our knowledge about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. We enjoyed being a human timeline, making axes, engraving copper, hunter-gathering and fire starting like a nomad with flint knapping. 

Science History

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Investigating Materials Year 1

In our Materials topic we have been investigating whether materials are waterproof or not. We tested kitchen roll, tinfoil, fabric, plastic bags and tissue to see if they let water go through them.  After testing all the materials we concluded that plastic bags and tinfoil are both waterproof. We…

Science Year 1

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Throwing and catching

This week we have been practising our throwing and catching skills. To do this we have been learning how to play the game hot potato. We started with a small circle rolling and gently passing the ball to each other. We have practised so much that we were able to play a huge game of hot potato…

Physical Education Nursery

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Reading Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

In our reading lessons Year 1 have had such a wonderful time reading the heritage text ‘Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit’.  We have been practising using our pace and volume to emphasise the story. Soon we will enjoy a trip to ‘The World of Beatrix Potter’ to see the story come to life. 

English Year 1

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Ball Skills

In Multiskills, the Year 2 children have been learning how to move and pass a ball using their feet. This week they have been learning how to dribble the ball using their hands as well as passing it to a partner using a chest pass. The children are beginning to control the ball well when dribbling…

Physical Education Year 2

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Year 5 Dance

In PE Year 5 have been putting together their own dance routines with a Bollywood theme. They learnt 3 hand movements and 3 different steps which they combined in their own way to create a unique dance. They enjoyed watching each other’s routines and commenting on strengths and areas for…

Physical Education

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