Reception pet encounters

Image of Reception pet encounters

Today we had a special visit from Pet encounters who brought some of their lovely animals to see us. There was Henry the Parrrot, a snake, a tarantula, Cheese the mouse and Romeo and Juliet the cockroaches. Lots of children were very brave and held or stroked the animals. What fab visitors to have…

Reception Curriculum enrichment

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Year 1 Vote

Image of Year 1 Vote

Year 1 enjoyed voting in their first School Election. Those who volunteered to be candidates gave speeches to explain why they would make good councillors. We then held a vote and used an ‘X’ on the voting slips to make our choices. Year 6 helped to organise the voting. The votes were counted and…

School Council Year 1

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Y1 Visit Egremont Library

Image of Y1 Visit Egremont Library

Year 1 enjoyed their visit to Egremont Library. Tracey the Librarian explained how we can use our cards to borrow books. We explored different book choices before choosing one to take home. We enjoyed a class story time together and then checked out our books. Thank you Tracey we will look forward…

English Year 1

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Year 1 Pet Encounters

Image of Year 1 Pet Encounters

Thank you to The Brilliant Cumbria initiative for organising a pet Encounters to visit today. We enjoyed being challenged to face our fears and to learn about the animals.  We were all very brave and had so much fun. Thank you to Pet Encounters.

Latest News Year 1

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Science in Year 5

Image of Science in Year 5

In science Year 5 have been making a solution using water and salt. They learnt the terms solute, solvent and solution. They looked at the water when they first added the salt then stirred it and compared how it had changed. They realised that the salt had combined with the water to make a…

Science Year 5

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Me and My Family

Image of Me and My Family

This week we have been finding out about our families. 

We used family photos to help us create our pebble families, showing who we lived with. We also talked about the members of our family who live in different houses to us.
We then talked about our names and how they were unique and special…

Religious Education Nursery

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Youth Mental Health Day 2023 in Year 2

Image of Youth Mental Health Day 2023 in Year 2

Today Year 2 explored this year’s Youth Mental Health Day theme of being brave. They watched the ‘Feeling Better: Brave’ video and discussed times that they have had to be brave. Then they created their own brave poses like the children in the video.


Year 2 PSHE

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Youth Mental Health Day 2023 Y5

Image of Youth Mental Health Day 2023 Y5

Today was Youth Mental Health Day and the theme for this year was #BeBrave. We talked about how focusing on what it takes to be brave can give you courage and confidence to achieve your goals and ambitions and be the best version of yourself. We were all able to give examples of when we were brave…

Year 5 PSHE

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