Year 2 fun at Walby Farm Park

After months of waiting, Year 2 finally got to go on a trip to Walby Farm Park. This was the first time many of the children had been on a bus. The children had a wonderful time playing on Milecastle62 and in the indoor play barn.  They also visited the animal barn and met animals such as llamas,…

Year 2 Curriculum enrichment

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Y1 Walby Farm Park

Year 1 had a fantastic time visiting Walby Farm Park.  It was an action packed day full of fun and even ice cream.  We loved exploring all the different play areas and meeting all the animals. 


Latest News Year 1

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Printmaking in Year 2

This half term in art the Year 2 children have been learning how to use objects to print patterns. In this lesson the children created their own stamps for printing. They drew a motif on kitchen sponge then cut it out. The children used their stamps to create repeating patterns where shapes…

Year 2 Art

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Year 5 Mayan Masks

Year 5 have been learning all about Mayan masks. They discovered that masks were often inspired by animals and were colourful and vibrant. The Mayas were sometimes buried with a death mask which was intended to protect the wearer on their journey to the afterlife. 

All  these facts helped year…


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Y6 Class Novel

Y6 are thoroughly enjoying their Autumn term class novels Street Child by Berlie Dougherty. 
The novel tells the story of a Victorian street orphan who is fighting for his life on the dirty streets of London. Y6 are enjoying every chapter and have found endless opportunities for writing from the…


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Owl Encounter Year One

Today Year One had an amazing time learning about owls and meeting some very special visitors. We met Fidget and Marmite the owl and even got to stroke and hold them. We all enjoyed learning about and holding a micro squirrel. The children also looked at and held skeletons of other small animals…

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Owl Encounter in Year 2

Year 2 were very excited to meet Fidget the Northern Owl and Marmite the Barn Owl. The lady from Pet Encounters told the children all about each type of owl including their prey. They handled skeletons of the prey and looked at an owl pellet. The children were all brave enough to hold the micro…

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School Council 2021-22

On Monday 20th of September we were delighted to be able host our annual school council elections for all children from Y1 up to Y6. The children had learnt about the importance of democracy in their classes and worked hard to create their own manifestos in order to persuade their class mates to…

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