Taking away in Reception

In Maths we have been learning how to take away. The children have used the bus game, where you put a number of people on the bus and then take them away at each bus stop. They then wrote take away calculations and used the bus and people to work out the answers. Super Maths Reception! 

Maths Reception

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Meerkat Mail

Year 1 loved meeting the Meerkats from Pet Encounters.  In English we have been reading Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett.  Being able to get up to close to the Meerkats helped Year 1 develop their understanding about the animals.  In English we have explored writing in character as Sunny the Meerkat.…

English Year 1

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KS1 Construction Club

Construction Club meet on Thursdays 3-4pm.  Each week we have a new challenge to design and make. We can choose to work in partners, teams or individually.  We enjoy modifying our designs to improve them.  We all have lots of fun.  If you enjoy being creative come along. 

Latest News Year 1 Year 2 Reception

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Flying to the Moon 2022

On Friday in Nursery we flew to the moon, just like in our story ‘Whatever next!’.
We gathered our teddy bears, climbed into our rocket and counted down for take off!
When we took off into space we saw lots of stars and some of the planets we have been learning about. 
As we landed on the moon,…

Nursery Curriculum enrichment

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Self portraits on the iPads

In our Computing session Reception were learning how to name and save their own work using the iPads. They used their finger to choose the colours they wanted to use and then drew a self portrait after looking in the mirror. The children then gave their picture a name and saved it to the Reception…

Computing Reception

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Year 5 Library Visit

Year 5 enjoyed their visit to the library yesterday. They read the blog on the back of the books to help them make a decision about which book to choose. They had some time to enjoy reading their book then learnt how to check it out themselves on the computer.


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