Y5 Viking butter

Year 5 enjoyed making Viking butter today by shaking cream until it turned into butter. They learnt that Vikings would have done this in a butter churn and it was one of the many ways they preserved food. 



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Y5 active maths

Year 5 have been enjoying some Active Maths. They had to find the answers to questions, on numbers to a million, placed around the classroom.


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Y5 Move Up Day to Y6

The current Y5 class enjoyed an afternoon of collaborative team work in Y6 with Mrs Taylor and Miss Parr. Their challenge was to build the highest but sturdiest tower out of marshmallows and spaghetti. Brooke, Lola and Charlotte were crowned the eventual winners. We’re all looking forward to…

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Y5 British Science Day 2019

Calling all Science Professors. A day filled with research and investigations! Firstly, we researched Lunar Buggies used to explore the moon and designed our own prototypes to be constructed. Then we investigated which boat would have the greatest buoyancy and carry the most marbles. Finally, we…


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French Food Sampling

We have been studying French culture, including religion,.famous people, education, schools and food. We enjoyed sampling some baguettes, brie, jam and garlic roule. We tasted French breakfast: pain au chocolate and crepes. Mmmmmmmm

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