Year 2 Whitehaven museums trip

Image of Year 2 Whitehaven museums trip

In Year 2 we are learning about the history of significant people and events in Whitehaven. We spent the morning on a harbour trail with Alan from the Beacon museum. He told us all about the history of the harbour and the mines.  The children were very excited to see the sea locks being opened to…

Year 2 History Curriculum enrichment

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Coronation Celebrations in Year 2

Image of Coronation Celebrations in Year 2

Year 2 have spent the day, before King Charles III’s coronation, finding out about his life and the crown he will be crowned in. The day began with a reading lesson about his life and was followed by an art lesson with the famous illustrator Rob Biddulph. The children learned all about the St…

Year 2 Curriculum enrichment PSHE

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Introduction to cricket

Image of Introduction to cricket

Year 2 had their first cricket session with the cricket coach, Matthew. He introduced them to bowling, fielding and batting. They will continue to develop all of these skills over the coming weeks. The children thoroughly enjoyed their lesson and cannot wait to learn more next week.


Physical Education Year 2

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Visual representations of text

Image of Visual representations of text

Today Year 2 read a paragraph from the text The Rhythm of the Rain by Grahame Baker-Smith. They practised reading it in unison before using collage materials to create a visual representation of what it told them about the water cycle.


English Year 2

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Our Olympian Event

Image of Our Olympian Event

Today we had the pleasure of meeting and exercising with the Olympian athlete Chris Bennett. We found out about how he came to be a hammer thrower and how he made it in to the Olympic team for the Rio Olympics. We also had an opportunity to ask him some questions before taking part in a sponsored…

Physical Education Year 2

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Awe and Wonder in the Wonderdome

Image of Awe and Wonder in the Wonderdome

Today Year 2 had an amazing time in the Wonderdome. They went inside the planetarium and watched in awe and wonder as the solar system unfolded in front of their eyes and rotated around them. They found out about each planet and were surprised to find out that Saturn has 62 moons! The children…

Science Year 2

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World Book Day in Year 2 2023

Image of World Book Day in Year 2 2023

What a wonderful day we had in Year 2 for World Book Day! We used our class text ‘The Rhythm of the Rain’ to inspire us to create our own rhythm of the rain using body percussion. Then we read some more of the text pausing at the point where the main character, Issac, followed his jar to the…

English Year 2 Reading

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Children’s Mental Health Week 2023

Image of Children’s Mental Health Week 2023

This year’s Children’s Mental Health Week theme is ‘Let’s Connect’. The children have been thinking about the connections they make. The children worked together in small groups to connect and make models by connecting pieces together. We reflected on what it feels like to connect together and…

Year 2 PSHE

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