KS1 Construction Club

Construction Club meet on Thursdays 3-4pm.  Each week we have a new challenge to design and make. We can choose to work in partners, teams or individually.  We enjoy modifying our designs to improve them.  We all have lots of fun.  If you enjoy being creative come along. 

Latest News Year 1 Year 2 Reception

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Creating Waterproof Hats

Over the past few weeks Year 2 have been looking at what ‘waterproof’ means and have investigated which materials are waterproof. They were posed the questioned ‘How can you make a hat waterproof?’ The children’s final investigation was to find out which substances when added to paper made the…

Year 2 Design and Technology

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Y2 Cricket Skills

Today Year 2 had their first cricket coaching session. The children learned how to hold the cricket bat correctly to strike a bat, throw overarm and to aim at the stumps. They had great fun and cannot wait for their next session.


Physical Education Year 2

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Returning To The Library

After two long years, we were able to return to visiting the local library. The children were welcomed at the door by Bridget, the librarian. She took us inside and introduced us to the other librarians. They talked to us about what a library is and what kind of books we can borrow. The children…

English Year 2 Reading

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Science Week: Stretchy Slime Experiment

Today Year 2 investigated how far slime can stretch. They predicted whether cold, warm or slime at room temperature would stretch the furthest or the least. They tested each temperature of slime and measured how far it stretched before it snapped off. What a messy time was had by all!


Science Year 2

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Drawing Pictograms in Year 2

Year 2 are learning about statistics in their maths lessons. Today they went outside the front of the school to observe traffic and pedestrians passing by. They showed this information in pictograms, drawing one shape for each vehicle or person that they saw.


Maths Year 2

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Our Waves Artwork

This week the Year 2 children used a range of media to make a variety of marks and lines to create artwork of waves. They were inspired by the artwork of Beth Krommes who uses a range of lines and marks in her drawings and etchings.


the arts Year 2

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Children’s Mental Health Week 2022 in Year 2

Today Year 2 have been exploring this year’s theme ‘Growing Together’. They talked about their goals for growing emotionally then created support balloons to show the people who support them in the good times and the other times, so they can grow emotionally.


Year 2 HRSE

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Safer Internet Day 2022 in Year 2

Year 2 reflected on what they do online and how they treat others online when they are communicating with them. They worked in groups to think of things they could say online that would be respectful to others then they designed a character for a new game of their choice.


Computing Year 2

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Working as a group

In PSHE, the Year 2 children have been thinking about how they can work collaboratively in different groups and situations by sharing their ideas, listening to others and taking part in discussions. They reflected on the different roles and used what they knew to create rules for future group…

Year 2 HRSE

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