Y1 Kindness Challenge

Year One are taking part in a Kindness Challenge during Lent.  We have decided to try to help others during this time.   The children have created jars or envelopes to put all their acts of kindness into.  When Lent is over they will be able to look back to see just how kind they have been.  We…

Religious Education Year 1 HRSE Home Learning

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Y1 The Snail and The Whale

Year One has enjoyed lots of activities linked to Julia Donaldson’s The Snail and The Whale. They created story maps of the original story and then created their own versions. We worked hard to spot all the rhyming words and then chose our own rhyming words to go in our own stories. We created…

Science English Year 1 Art Home Learning

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Y1 Practical Maths at Home

Year 1 are using a range of resources to support their Maths learning at home.  It’s amazing what you can use in the house to help you learn.  We were amazed to find how many 3D shapes exist in our homes.  To help us make tens and ones we found Lego to be really helpful.  Pasta, chocolate,…

Maths Year 1 Home Learning

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Y1 What makes you happy?

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week we asked Year 1 to think about What makes you happy?
Year 1 responded by sending in photos to show the range of things that make them feel happy.  We chatted in our Zoom lesson to explain more.  The children spoke of having brothers and sisters to play with…

Year 1 HRSE Home Learning

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Phunky Fit with Year 1

This week at Phunky Fit club we made a fruit salad. We enjoyed tasting different fruits then chose our favourites to put in our own fruit salad. We learned how to use the knives safely to cut each fruit.


Year 1

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Rain Dance

Year One have had a great time this week focussing on the story ‘Bring the Rain to Kapiti Plain’.  We looked at the weather in the story and decided we would help end the drought by making our own rain dance to the music.  Sorry for all the rain since- oops!!


Year 1 Music Drama

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