What are the functions of a tulip?

Image of What are the functions of a tulip?

Year 3 have been exploring transpiration, how water travels in a flower and the functions of vital flower parts. They matched names and functions then labelled a real tulip after taking a very close look to identify the different parts. 

Science Year 3

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Y5 Working Scientifically

Image of Y5 Working Scientifically

Year 5 used chopsticks to move cubes of jelly from one pate to another. The jelly cubes were the covered in cooking oil and the test was repeated. They had to work out how the oil changed the effect of the friction. 

Science Year 5

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Electrical Circuits

Image of Electrical Circuits

Today Year 4 have been using their knowledge notes to build an electrical circuit. Throughout the task, they worked collaboratively and used lots of scientific vocabulary to ensure they assembled their circuits correctly. 

Science Year 4

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Our Reception chicks

Image of Our Reception chicks

In Reception we have had some eggs that we have been looking after. We watched the eggs hatch into chicks and have been feeding them, cleaning them and holding them. The children have been learning about the life cycle of a chick too. They have had lots of fun in our Reception class and have now…

Science Reception

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STEM Story Time in Y5

Image of STEM Story Time in Y5

Year 5 took part in a live STEM session today. They learnt all about what an engineer does and had the privilege of listening to Helen and Drew telling has all about their careers as engineers. They learnt how important science, maths, engineering and technology are and were able to ask questions…

Science Maths Year 5 Design and Technology

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Y1 Wonder in the Wonder Dome

Image of Y1 Wonder in the Wonder Dome

Year 1 enjoyed a fascinating and fun interactive Planetarium Show in the Wonder Dome.  It showed Year 1 how wonderful and intriguing the universe is.  The Wonder Dome created a magical learning environment to learn all about the wonders of space with a 360 degree immersive experience. We learnt…

Science Year 1

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Science Sounds Fun in Year 1

Image of Science Sounds Fun in Year 1

As part of British Science Week Year 1 had a scientific enquiry based on this year’s theme of ‘Connections’. We learnt how sound travels in ‘sound waves’.  We created cup and string telephones. We investigated if sound could travel along the string to send a message.  We started with measuring…

Science Year 1

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Y6 Dissolving Investigation

Image of Y6 Dissolving Investigation

To mark British Science week, Y6 created a science investigation to discover the rate at which solids would dissolve in liquids. They worked in groups and discussed the different types of variables which would affect their investigation. They recognised and predicted that hot water would help…

Science Year 6

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Science Day in Nursery

Image of Science Day in Nursery

We have loved investigating gloop this week! we have used different amounts of cornstarch and water to creat different gloop textures. Some gloop felt watery and other gloop went very sticky. 

We also had a go at a lava lamp experiment! For this we used oil, water and dropped…

Science Nursery

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Astronomer Visits Year 5

Image of Astronomer Visits Year 5

To enhance Year 5’s learning on ‘Earth and Space’ they had a talk from an amateur astronomer. They learnt all about star constellations, nebulas, supernovas and the planets. Mr. Hunt told them about the different types of telescopes you can use to study the sky at night and why we are lucky to…

Science Year 5

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