Image of STEM Ambassadors Visit Y5
4 July 2024

STEM Ambassadors Visit Y5

Today two Sellafield apprentices came in to tell us all about their jobs. We learnt about what happens at Sellafield and how STEM subjects are important in their roles. We got to ask them lots of questions and enjoyed playing a matching game about  alpha, beta and gamma radiation. Well done to the…

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Image of Finding out about how seeds grow in Y2
21 June 2024

Finding out about how seeds grow in Y2

Year 2 are learning about plants in their science lessons. They have been finding out what germination is and how seeds grow. They worked together to label germination and growth from a seed to a seedling. Afterwards they planted some sunflowers seeds and gave them different conditions to grow in…

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Image of Bees in the Trees Workshop with Year 2
21 June 2024

Bees in the Trees Workshop with Year 2

This morning Bees in the Trees came to visit all the Infant classes. The children learned all about the life cycle of a bee and the different roles each type of bee plays in the beehive. Everyone had the chance to observe the bees up close at work in the beehive as well as handling some of the…

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Image of Buzzing About Bees in Year 1
21 June 2024

Buzzing About Bees in Year 1

There was definitely a buzz in Year 1 today with a fantastic visit from ‘Bees in the Trees’. Year 1 were amazed to get up close to the hive and observe the worker bees.  They found out about the different roles bees play within the hive as they work together.  Male bees in the hive are called…

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Image of Bees in the trees EYFS
21 June 2024

Bees in the trees EYFS

We had a visit from ‘Bees in the trees’ for Reception and Nursery. The beekeeper taught us all about drone bees, worker bees and the queen bee. The children learnt all about larva and pupa and how the eggs develop. We then looked at what bees eat and the children got close up view of the bees. 

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Image of Year 3 Growing and babies
7 June 2024

Year 3 Growing and babies

Year 3 have been thinking about growing up, babies and parents. They played a matching game to match the baby animals to their parents. They discussed what all babies need from their parents, whether they are animals or humans. The children reflected on their own growth journey and how they still…

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Image of Grow grow grow
17 May 2024

Grow grow grow

As part of our topic this half term of, ‘grow, grow, grow’, we have been learning about different seeds. The children have created their own houses and we planted grass and wild flower seeds to grow in the garden. They have already started to grow too. 

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Image of Wild About Wildlife in Year 1
16 May 2024

Wild About Wildlife in Year 1

Year 1 had a fantastic day visiting The Lake District Wildlife Park in Bassenthwaite. They were given a workshop by Lucy to learn about animal classification and conservation. Then there was time to explore the different animal enclosures around the park. Particular favourites were the lemurs,…

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Image of Water Resistance In Year 5
9 May 2024

Water Resistance In Year 5

Year 5 have learnt that water resistance is the push that occurs when an object moves through water. They investigated whether the same piece of plasticine can sink and float. They discovered that the plasticine easily sank but it was more challenging to make it float. They thought about how they…

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Image of Nursery: Solar System Cupcakes
30 April 2024

Nursery: Solar System Cupcakes

Continuing with our topic ‘From Another Planet’, we have been baking some cupcakes to decorate to look like the planets in Space. 
We had lots of eager children want to decorate their cupcake like our planet - Earth. They were very good at recognising the colours they needed to make planet being…

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Image of Air Resistance Experiment in Y5
25 April 2024

Air Resistance Experiment in Y5

Year 5 carried out two investigations to find out about air resistance. First of all, they walked and ran in pairs holding a large piece of paper to see what air resistance felt like. They discovered that when they ran they could feel the force of the air more. Secondly, they dropped a flat piece…

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Image of Year 5 Friction Experiment
19 April 2024

Year 5 Friction Experiment

Year 5 carried out an experiment to see how oil changed the effect of friction. Using chopsticks, they moved cubes of jelly from one plate to another. This was surprisingly hard as the jelly was very sticky. They then covered the jelly cubes in oil and repeated the test. They found that the cubes…

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