Ascension Day

The children listened carefully to the story of Jesus telling his Disciples and Mary, his mother, that everything would be alright, that they must look after each other and that he would ascend to Heaven to be with his Father there.  The children were intrigued and we talked about how Jesus may…

Religious Education

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Celebrating St. George’s Day

St. George is our Class Saint!  We have celebrated today listening and learning about St. George.  We loved the story about him slaying the dragon and rescuing the Princess.  We thought about dragons and wrote lots of different adjectives to describe a dragon.  We made crowns and St. George’s…

Religious Education History

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Y1 Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Year 1 enjoyed learning all about St. Patrick the Patron saint of Ireland.  We enjoyed researching then writing facts about St.Patrick inside shamrocks.  We created some super spiral snakes because they are in his story.  We learnt how people around the world celebrate the feast of St. Patrick…

Religious Education Year 1 D&T

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