School Council Election in Year 2

The Year 2 children were very excited to be casting their votes in this year’s school council election. There were six candidates who put themselves forward and the children cannot wait to see who will be representing them this year.


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End of Year Party 2021

After what has been a very different year in Year 2, the children were able to enjoy a party outdoors followed by a movie and popcorn. The children played parachute games, learned how to limbo dance, went on a scavenger hunt and posed for photos in a photo booth frame. A great time was had by…

Year 2

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Year 2 Gruffalo Friends

After exploring the woods and talking about the sticks they found, the Year 2 children played Hug a Tree!  There were some fabulous instructions given and lovely teamwork to help each other to find their trees to hug!

Once we had played this game, the challenge was to design and make a Gruffalo…

Year 2 D&T HRSE

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Healthy D.T.

The Year 2 have been learning about what makes a healthy sandwich or wrap. They planned their own healthy sandwiches and wraps. They finally got to make them using their cutting skills. The children throughly enjoyed eating them afterwards.


Year 2 Design and Technology

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Exploring the geography of Egremont

Year 2 have spent much of this year learning about physical and human features in their geography lessons. Today they went on a walk around Egremont to explore the many features it has and use their knowledge to identify the type of features they are. The children even found time for a spot of…

Year 2 Geography

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Position and direction in Year 2

Year 2 started a new maths unit today on position and direction. Today they were using the positional words left, right, backwards and forwards. They had great fun giving instructions to their partners to move around the playground.


Maths Year 2

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Design Technology Day in Year 2

Year 2 have been learning about the history of puppets in preparation for designing and making marionette puppets. The children thoroughly enjoyed the making process and are very proud of their final creations. The children found out that puppets have been used to entertain people for thousands of…

Year 2 Design and Technology

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Budding Year 2 cricketers

Year 2 enjoyed their first cricket coaching session today. They worked on throwing, catching, hitting a ball and hitting wickets. They worked really hard to master these skills and cannot wait to see what they will be learning in their next session.


Physical Education

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Mental Health Awareness Week in Year 2

Year 2 have been reflecting on how they connect with nature and the impact this has on their mental health and well-being. The children had lots of fun using their computing skills to record their thoughts on a green screen video then add a personal photo to illustrate their favourite place to…

Computing HRSE

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Year 2 learn to play the glockenspiel

In their music lessons Year 2 children have been listening to and appraising songs about friendship. As part of this work they have been learning to play the glockenspiel so they can accompany one of the friendship songs.



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Planting seeds in Year 2

This term Year 2 will be learning about plants in their science lessons. Today they have been learning about germination and setting up an investigation to see what seeds need to be able to germinate. The children planted their own individual pots with a dwarf sunflower seed in. They cannot wait…

Science Year 2

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Y2 Playtime Fun on Langley Castle

After much anticipation and excitement the children returned to school to find that Langley Castle was all ready and waiting for them to play on it. The children had a great time exploring the castle on top and underneath, going down the slides and the fireman’s pole as well as climbing the nets…

Physical Education Year 2

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