Y2 Autism Awareness

Today Year 2 have been learning about Autism Awareness Week and what autism is, including the difficulties that autistic people can encounter in their lives. The children learned how everyone is different and unique in their own special ways. They reflected on this by thinking about all the things…

Year 2 HRSE

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Year 2 Science Week 2021

Earlier this week Year 2 learned about the famous scientist Isaac Newton and found out how he discovered the force gravity. The children made paper spinners to explore gravity for themselves. They investigated the difference made by adding paper clips to the spinners and the time it took them to…

Science Year 2

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Lent in Year 2

Year 2 have been learning about how Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and lasts for 40 days. They found out about the significance of the ashes being placed on the forehead and what Christians do during the period of Lent to prepare for Easter. The children made posters to tell others what Christians…

Religious Education Year 2 Home Learning

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Tudor houses

This week Year 2 learned about the impact of the Great Fire of London then spent the rest of the week working on a design technology project. They had to use their knowledge of what Tudor houses were made from to create their own models of a Tudor house showing as much detail as possible. They…

D&T History Home Learning

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Learning to sew

Over the past few weeks Year 2 have been learning how to sew. They began by learning how to do a running stitch then they used a template to cut out the fabric they needed to. Today some of the children sewed their fabric together to make a pouch.


Design and Technology

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Anti Bullying week

During Anti-bullying Week Year 2 have been thinking about this year’s theme of being united against bullying. They have been learning about ways they can help to stop bullying taking place.



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