Our visit from an author

Image of Our visit from an author

An author called Sean Perkins came to visit us in school and shared his book called, ‘Oscar and Ben and the Birthday Party’. He shared the story, sang a song and taught the children how to draw one of the cat characters. The children loved the story and some even bought a signed copy of the book. 

English Reception

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KIDZFIT in Reception

Image of KIDZFIT in Reception

Our Reception class took part in a fitness session with KIDZFIT and learnt how we can stay fit and healthy and how important exercise it. We were learning how to use our muscles in different parts of our body and how we need to look after ourselves. The children did lots of exercise and learnt…

Physical Education Reception Nursery

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Coronation celebrations in Reception

Image of Coronation celebrations in Reception

For the Coronation of the King celebrations in Reception we had a red, white and blue party. We had face painting, tattoos and crown making. The children also had an ice cream and time to dance and go on the bouncy castle. We had a great day and even had our picture taken as King Charles. 


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Reception visit from the police

Image of Reception visit from the police

Reception joined Nursery to go and meet some police officers. They came to talk to us about what it is like to work for the police. They also brought lots of police hats and uniforms and talked about what role each of the uniforms were for. The children had a chance to dress up. They even brought…

Reception Curriculum enrichment

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Our Reception chicks

Image of Our Reception chicks

In Reception we have had some eggs that we have been looking after. We watched the eggs hatch into chicks and have been feeding them, cleaning them and holding them. The children have been learning about the life cycle of a chick too. They have had lots of fun in our Reception class and have now…

Science Reception

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Reception on the library bus

Image of Reception on the library bus

Reception had a visit to the library bus to change the books that we got last term. They each chose a book to read on the bus and then the librarian read them a story. At the end she let the Reception children scan their own books out. With a little support using the scanner they scanned the books…

English Reception

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