Taking away in Reception

Image of Taking away in Reception

In Maths we have been learning how to take away. The children have used the bus game, where you put a number of people on the bus and then take them away at each bus stop. They then wrote take away calculations and used the bus and people to work out the answers. Super Maths Reception! 

Maths Reception

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Self portraits on the iPads

Image of Self portraits on the iPads

In our Computing session Reception were learning how to name and save their own work using the iPads. They used their finger to choose the colours they wanted to use and then drew a self portrait after looking in the mirror. The children then gave their picture a name and saved it to the Reception…

Computing Reception

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Pet encounter visit in Reception

Image of Pet encounter visit in Reception

Reception had a visit from Pet Encounters, Cumbria. They brought snakes, rabbits, meerkats, parrots and lizards. The children learnt about what country they all came from, what they eat and where they live. Some of our Reception even carefully held them. The children all really enjoyed the visit…

Reception Curriculum enrichment

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Muncaster Castle trip

Image of Muncaster Castle trip

Reception went on a trip to Muncaster Castle. We went on the adventure park, Yeti Quarry and giant swing. We also saw an owl display and the owls flew that close to us we had to duck! The children went into the maze and we had a walk around the gardens. We were very lucky as we had the castle all…

Reception Curriculum enrichment

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Reception Science week 2022

Image of Reception Science week 2022

We have also been reading the story of, ‘Mr Archimedes bath’ in Reception and how his bath kept overflowing with all the animals getting in. The children made their own bath and we tested which animals made it overflow. The children predicted when the bath would overflow. When they dropped each…

Science Reception

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Reception’s animal homes

Image of Reception’s animal homes

We have been learning about the topic, ‘Animals big and small’ in Reception. The children designed and made their own animal homes using different construction materials. We have been learning about different animals habitats and the different countries that animals live in. 

Reception Design and Technology

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Reception’s visit to church

Image of Reception’s visit to church

After learning about what happens in a church, Reception visited our church next door, St Mary’s. We looked at the different statues, the altar and talked about how the font was used for christenings. The children also made the sign of the cross using the holy water. We loved having a look around…

Religious Education Reception

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D&T in Reception 2022

Image of D&T in Reception 2022

In D&T this week we have been learning how to safely use a hammer and nails and some pliers. The children all wore safety glasses and jackets. We learnt how to hold a nail correctly when using a hammer and how to pull a nail out using pliers. I think we definitely have some future builders! 

Design and Technology

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