Y6 Science Week

As part of National Science week, Year 6 have been learning about inventors and innovators.  We had a great Science day making spaghetti skyscrapers and designing fabulous fliers. We learnt some really important lessons about the engineering of structures, how to make them strong and the…

Science Year 6

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Y6 celebrate Chinese New Year

Y6 have been learning about the significance of Chinese New Year. They learnt about some of the traditions and how it is celebrated across the world. Dragons are used in dance to show power and to chase away evil spirits and bad luck. In their art lesson, the children recreated their own dragon…

Year 6 Art

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Y6 Art Perspective Drawing

Our Y6 children were once again challenged to refine their drawing skills in their Art lesson this week. They learnt ways to demonstrate perspective and both the children learning at home and in school produced some impressive results. 

Year 6 Art Home Learning

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Y6 Watercolour Poppies

Y6 used watercolours to create a somber feel for their Remembrance artwork. The brief was to draw poppies of varying heights with elements of texture and depth. The children chose to use watercolours as they felt they reflected the muted and soft feelings of remembrance and loss. 

Year 6 Art History

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Y6 Spooky Spells

Y6 have enjoyed a fantastic day of writing gruesome spells using descriptive language for their ingredients and imperative “bossy” verbs for their instructions! 

English Year 6

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Music in Y6

In our music lessons we have been listening to various songs and different styles of music. We have been learning about the tempo and dynamics of the songs and appraising the sounds we hear. This week we loved listening to the music of the Carpenters and after appraising their work we designed new…

Year 6 Music

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Y6 Dodgeball

Y6 have been refining their throwing and catching skills and consolidating their knowledge of how to play invasion games through weekly dodgeball sessions each Friday in the hall. Excellent teamwork and sportsmanship have developed. 

Physical Education Year 6

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