KidzFit Workshop

Image of KidzFit Workshop

Year 3 and 4 enjoyed a fitness session with KidzFit today. We learned lots about the importance of a healthy lifestyle through exercise and diet. We had a go at a range of exercises to raise our heartbeats and test our stamina, agility and resilience. We also learned about the positive effects of…

Physical Education Year 4 PSHE

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Kidz Fit in Y5/6

Image of Kidz Fit in Y5/6

The whole school have enjoyed a session with Kidz Fit. Years 5 and 6 worked together on a series of exercises including hula-hooping, different styles of jumping, one legged skipping and even some yoga! We learnt the importance of keeping our bodies healthy and by doing this it helps to keep our…

Physical Education Year 5 Year 6 PSHE

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Coronation Celebrations in Year 2

Image of Coronation Celebrations in Year 2

Year 2 have spent the day, before King Charles III’s coronation, finding out about his life and the crown he will be crowned in. The day began with a reading lesson about his life and was followed by an art lesson with the famous illustrator Rob Biddulph. The children learned all about the St…

Year 2 Curriculum enrichment PSHE

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We are all connected

Image of We are all connected

As it was Mental Health Awareness week we read the story of, 'The Invisible String' in Reception, which is about how we are all connected by invisible strings to the people we love. The children then said who they were connected to. We played a game of passing a hoop around the circle without…

Reception PSHE PSHE

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Y6 Healthy Choices Workshop

Image of Y6 Healthy Choices Workshop

Y6 were joined by Leah from CADAS for a healthy living and choices workshop. They learnt about the importance of making sensible choices as they get older despite being tempted by peer pressure. Leah played games with the class which meant they had to make certain choices about different…

Year 6 PSHE

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