Nursery Maths: Numbers 1-5

Image of Nursery Maths: Numbers 1-5

This week in Nursery we have been practicing our numbers 1-5.
We waited patiently and took it in turns to roll the dice, recognise the number and pick the correct number of bears out of the pot. All of the children were able to recognise the numbers on the dice and count out the bears that they…

Maths Nursery

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Nursery Maths: Shapes

Image of Nursery Maths: Shapes

This week in Nursery we have been identifying and sorting shapes. We have been focusing on squares, triangles and circles. 

We have also learnt that some shapes have straight sides like a square and a triangle and other shapes are round like a circle. 

Maths Nursery

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Number hunting

Image of Number hunting

In Reception we have been learning how to find, subitise and represent numbers. We went on a number hunt around school, looking for any numbers we could find. The children found them on the big yard, on classroom doors, on the lockers, clocks and the door codes. At the end the children could then…

Maths Reception

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Year 5 Investigate Square and Cube Numbers

Image of Year 5 Investigate Square and Cube Numbers

Year 5 have been investigating square and cube numbers. Using counters to investigate square numbers they found which numbers it was possible to make a complete square with. They found that 1, 4, 9, 16, 25,36,49 are square numbers up to 50. They soon realised that if you multiply a whole number by…

Maths Year 5

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Y1 Part-Whole Models

Image of Y1 Part-Whole Models

In maths year 1 have been learning how to use Part-Whole Models. Today we explored creating these practically with our partners. Partner 1 added the parts using counters. Partner 2 added the parts together and wrote the whole.  Both partners self checked and then swapped around. Great work. 

Maths Year 1

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Y6 Maths Whizzers!

Image of Y6 Maths Whizzers!

Y6 have been working so hard on Maths Whizz this half-term. We are consistently seeing most of the class entering the Hall of Fame for making excellent progress and improving their maths age week on week. These children have excelled particularly and have been rewarded with being the certificate…

Maths Year 6

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Problem solving in Reception

Image of Problem solving in Reception

In Reception we have been learning how to problem solve including problems such as what material will build the longest bridge, which animals will not make the boat sink and how to build Mr Gumpy’s motor car. The children read the story, ‘Mr Gumpy’s motor car’ and planned and built it outside…

Maths Reception

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Nursery Maths and Computing

Image of Nursery Maths and Computing

Last week in Nursery we combined our computing and maths skills to complete a job. 

We were using the iPads on an interactive game of counting the ladybird spots. 

Lots of children were able to practise their subsidising skills for numbers 1-3, and some children were able to subsidise…

Maths Computing Nursery

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Year 1 and Year 6 Active Maths for Number Day

Image of Year 1 and Year 6 Active Maths for Number Day

Today for Number Day Year 1 and Year 6 joined together to take part in some ‘Active Maths’. Year 6 planned maths games and activities for Year 1 to enjoy.  Everyone enjoyed counting, adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying in creative ways.  It was fun learning and being active together.

Maths Year 1 Year 6

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STEM Story Time in Y5

Image of STEM Story Time in Y5

Year 5 took part in a live STEM session today. They learnt all about what an engineer does and had the privilege of listening to Helen and Drew telling has all about their careers as engineers. They learnt how important science, maths, engineering and technology are and were able to ask questions…

Science Maths Year 5 Design and Technology

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Marvellous Measuring in Year 1

Image of Marvellous Measuring in Year 1

Today we have been learning about measuring length. We have been using non-standard measures like cubes, paper clips, rubbers and hands.  We have measured objects around our classroom using cubes.  We had lots of fun counting the cubes to find out the length and we even measured a row of tables! 

Maths Year 1

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