Image of Number bonds to 10 in Reception
13 July 2024

Number bonds to 10 in Reception

Reception have been recapping on all our Maths learning from this year. One area we have particularly focused on this term is number bonds to 10. The children created their own number bonds using cards, including using the add and equals sign. Great Mathematicians in Reception!

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Image of Making Tally Marks July 2024
3 July 2024

Making Tally Marks July 2024

Year 2 started work on statistics in maths. The first lesson was looking at how to use tally marks to show different numbers in data collected. The children found it much easier to count when they grouped the marks in fives. Soon they will be able to use them to record their own findings in a…

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Image of Small world structures
27 June 2024

Small world structures

In Maths this week we have been continuing our work on positional language and giving directions. The children made their own small world structure and added people and animals. They then sat on either side of the structure, picked a character and told their partner where it was using positional…

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Image of Active Maths Time
20 June 2024

Active Maths Time

Year 2 began their work on time with an active maths lesson to recap o’clock and half past times. They had great fun moving around the playground in different ways and stopping to make given times on their individual clocks. What a great start it was to their work on time!


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Image of Nursery: Maths Patterns
18 June 2024

Nursery: Maths Patterns

We have had lots of fun so far this week using the multi link cubes to make an AB repeating pattern.
At first some of the cubes were a bit tricky to click together but we got the hang of it in the end. 

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Image of Year 3 maths 14.06.24
17 June 2024

Year 3 maths 14.06.24

Year 3 have been studying shapes, both 2D and 3D,. They have been learning the names and properties of the 3D shapes. They built their own 3D shapes with cubes, counting faces, vertices and edges.


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Image of Repeating patterns in Reception
13 June 2024

Repeating patterns in Reception

In Maths we have been learning about repeating patterns and if you make it a repeating pattern it has to have a rule. This included using two, three or four colours to create an AB, AABB or ABC pattern. The children were great at making the pattern repeat many times and added more colours as a…

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Image of Nursery: Maths Building Towers
13 June 2024

Nursery: Maths Building Towers

This week our older Nursery children have been using the Construction blocks to help them with their Maths work. They counted and identified numbers 1-5. For each number they then built a tower using that number of blocks to make it. Some children when they had added too many blocks or not enough…

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Image of Ordinal Numbers in Year 1 June 2024
7 June 2024

Ordinal Numbers in Year 1 June 2024

As part of their maths work on position and direction, Year 1 have been looking at ordinal numbers. They had great fun taking part in different races and working out the position they came in. What an active maths lesson that was!

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Image of National Numeracy Day 2024 in Year 2
24 May 2024

National Numeracy Day 2024 in Year 2

It was National Numeracy Day this week. In recognition of this Year 2 took part in an active maths session. They had to work with a partner to solve different calculations that were placed around the hall. They all showed wonderful teamwork and enjoyed talking about how they were solving each…

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Image of Sharing fairly in Maths
24 May 2024

Sharing fairly in Maths

In Maths this week we have been learning how to group objects and share them fairly. The children put this into practise using biscuits. In partners they were given a number of biscuits to share evenly. We learnt about wholes and halves and how to share using the rhyme, one for you, one for you.…

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Image of Nursery: Empty and Full
16 May 2024

Nursery: Empty and Full

This week our older Nursery children have been using the water tray in Maths to learn about full and empty. 
We also talked about when a container is light or heavy. Lots of children were able to fill a container until it was full and tell us it was heavy. We saw some excellent team work form the…

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