Year 2 Gruffalo Friends

After exploring the woods and talking about the sticks they found, the Year 2 children played Hug a Tree!  There were some fabulous instructions given and lovely teamwork to help each other to find their trees to hug!

Once we had played this game, the challenge was to design and make a Gruffalo…

Year 2 D&T HRSE

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Wild Things

Using Wild Things as our inspiration, Year 1 had the challenge of creating a boat as well as a Wild Thing out of natural materials.  They set about working together brilliantly as Teams, showing co-operation, determination and lots of laughing and giggling.  The children talked about their designs…

Year 1 D&T HRSE

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Moving up to Year 2

Today our Year 1 children spent the morning in their new class, getting to know their new teachers and becoming familiar with the classroom. They looked at photos of what activities they may do in Year 2 then they listened to the story ‘The Dot’ by Peter Reynolds. The message of the story was that…

Year 1 HRSE

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Year 5 Forest School

The activity for this week was to build a sculpture that represented ‘Hopes’ for Year 6.  The children were unanimous in that they wanted challenge, calm and fun!  
This group of children chose to work mostly as a team, but then 2 children broke away and decided to worked independently.  The…

Year 5 D&T HRSE

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Walk To School Week 2021

Lots of us enjoyed the benefits of walking to school this week to support ‘Walk to School Week’. The theme was ‘Walking Super Powers’. We learnt how walking has the power to make our bodies healthier and stronger, it helps power our brains, reduces traffic and therefore pollution and has a…

Physical Education Latest News HRSE

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Getting back to Nature

We have had a lovely week becoming more aware of Mental Health and how we can keep our minds happy and healthy.  We have worked with natural things that we have collected whilst out with our families, to make temporary art pieces, role play with seaweed in the water area, make petal sun catchers…


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Y5 Mental Health Awareness

Year 5 dressed in green to raise awareness of the importance of nature in keeping us happy and healthy. We talked about how nature can help with our mental health and heard lots of lovely stories of the things we do outdoors. We wrote these down and made a class poster so everyone can enjoy…


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Mental Health Awareness Week in Year 2

Year 2 have been reflecting on how they connect with nature and the impact this has on their mental health and well-being. The children had lots of fun using their computing skills to record their thoughts on a green screen video then add a personal photo to illustrate their favourite place to…

Computing HRSE

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Y1 Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week

We all enjoyed wearing green today as part of promoting Mental Health Awareness.  We had lots of fun creating some surprise ‘Take a Break’ packs to send home today.  We talked about what Mental Health means and self help strategies we can use to help ourselves. Year…

Latest News Year 1 HRSE

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