Y2 Autism Awareness

Today Year 2 have been learning about Autism Awareness Week and what autism is, including the difficulties that autistic people can encounter in their lives. The children learned how everyone is different and unique in their own special ways. They reflected on this by thinking about all the things…

Year 2 HRSE

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Treat Everyone With Kindness

During this week we have talked and learnt about differences!  We remembered our work during Lockdown about how important it is to ‘be ourselves!’  We listened to The Ugly Duckling story and the children said how unkind the other ducklings were to him!  We watched the Ollie and Daisy video about…


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Y6 reflect during National Autism Awareness Week

To celebrate National Autism Awareness week, Y6 discussed what it’s like to be autistic and were really interested to understand and reflect on some of the challenges autistic people face in their lives. They also learned about the importance of treating everyone with respect and kindness. 

Year 6 HRSE

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Y1 Autism Awareness

Today as part of National Autism Awareness Week 2021 Serena volunteered to tell the class all about Autism.  Serena confidently talked to the class and shared her personal experiences. Serena told the class all about the charity that her family has set up to help support and celebrate Autism in…

Latest News Year 1 HRSE

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Fabulous Fun in Reception!

We came back to School and were so pleased and excited to see all our friends! To add to the excitement, we have new Outdoor equipment to help us to learn more through Outdoor Play, from bats and balls and our new Basketball Hoop, to planks and stumps of wood so we can create our own obstacle…

English Maths HRSE

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Lenten Leaves Y5

As part of their work on Lent year 5 thought about something they have done that they were sorry for and wrote it down on one side of the leaf. When they had finished they turned the leaf over and wrote about something good they could do for Lent. In taking part in this activity they turned over a…

Religious Education HRSE Home Learning

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Y1 Kindness Challenge

Year One are taking part in a Kindness Challenge during Lent.  We have decided to try to help others during this time.   The children have created jars or envelopes to put all their acts of kindness into.  When Lent is over they will be able to look back to see just how kind they have been.  We…

Religious Education Year 1 HRSE Home Learning

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