Reception’s World Book Day

Image of Reception’s World Book Day

After reading our story of the week ‘Dear Zoo’, the children were given clues that we had to read to help them find the missing animals. The children worked as a team to find them all and even stopped the Big Bad Wolf from eating the puppy! The children came in dressed as their favourite character…

English Reception

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Y1 World Book Day

Image of Y1 World Book Day

Year 1 loved celebrating World Book Day. We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite characters. In class we made our own poems and shared our work together. It was fun sharing our favourite stories and listening to new ones. 


English Year 1

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World Book Day in Year 2 2023

Image of World Book Day in Year 2 2023

What a wonderful day we had in Year 2 for World Book Day! We used our class text ‘The Rhythm of the Rain’ to inspire us to create our own rhythm of the rain using body percussion. Then we read some more of the text pausing at the point where the main character, Issac, followed his jar to the…

English Year 2 Reading

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World Book Day Y4 2023

Image of World Book Day Y4 2023

For World Book Day, Year 4 studied the poem ‘Caged Bird’ by Maya Angelou. First we found out about Maya Angelou, which helped us understand the poem. After reading the poem together, we discussed the central themes and messages of the poem and the different poetic devices and vocabulary used to…

English Year 4 Reading

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Year 5 World Book Day 2023

Image of Year 5 World Book Day 2023

Year 5 have enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day 2023 and taking part in lots of book related activities. We designed a new book cover for the book we are reading ‘Boy in the Tower’ by Poly Ho-Yen. We also became synonym detectives and searched in the book for words with a similar meaning to the…

English Latest News Year 5

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Visiting Egremont Library

Image of Visiting Egremont Library

On Thursday 2nd February Year 1 enjoyed visiting Egremont Library. Tracey the Librarian explained all about her job. We learnt we could borrow a book and then return it in 3 weeks time. We enjoyed exploring fiction and non-fiction. After we had enjoyed sharing books we checked out the book we had…

English Year 1

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Exploring Non Fiction

Image of Exploring Non Fiction

This week Year 2 have started to read ‘The Street Beneath My Feet’ by Charlotte Guillain in their reading lessons. They were amazed to find out about what is going on deep in the ground under their feet and we’re even more surprised at how the pages unfolded in front of them. What a fascinating…

English Year 2

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Year 2 Library Visit

Image of Year 2 Library Visit

This afternoon Year 2 visited Egremont Library to return their books and choose new ones to borrow. They had lots of fun sharing books with each other whilst choosing the books they would take home. The visit ended with a whole class story about a wolf who liked to bake. What an interesting take…

English Year 2

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