Anti Bullying Week 2023

Image of Anti Bullying Week 2023

In P.S.H.E. this week the Year 2 children have been exploring what bullying is and the feelings relating to it. Later in the week during their computing lesson they explored what online bullying is and what they could do if they are bullied. They created supportive sunflowers showing the people…

Computing Year 2 PSHE

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Odd Socks Day Y4 2023

Image of Odd Socks Day Y4 2023

To mark the start of Anti-Bullying week, we took part in ‘Odd Socks Day’. We wore odd socks to school as a symbol of uniqueness and to promote acceptance of diversity. We talked about embracing our individuality and celebrating our differences and agreed that it’s okay to be different. We then…

Computing Year 4 PSHE

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Online Identity

Image of Online Identity

In computing lessons, Year 4 have been learning about online identities. We explored the different messages that are posted and how people respond to messages can create an online identity. We discussed the importance of how we communicate online and how to take care of our own self-image online.…

Computing Year 4

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Computing ‘Stranger Danger’

Image of Computing ‘Stranger Danger’

Year 4 have been learning about how to be safe when communicating online, especially with unfamiliar people. They learned all about ‘catfishing’ and ‘grooming’ and about how easy it is to adopt an online identity which is completely different to who you actually are. They then used an…

Computing Year 4

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Giving directions using Beebots

Image of Giving directions using Beebots

In Computing we have been learning about giving directions using Beebots. The children were shown how to use the Beebot buttons to move forwards, backwards, left and right. The children then pressed the buttons to direct the Beebot around the mat. We had to remember to press the ‘X’ button to…

Computing Reception

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Nursery Maths and Computing

Image of Nursery Maths and Computing

Last week in Nursery we combined our computing and maths skills to complete a job. 

We were using the iPads on an interactive game of counting the ladybird spots. 

Lots of children were able to practise their subsidising skills for numbers 1-3, and some children were able to subsidise…

Maths Computing Nursery

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Safer Internet Day 2022

Image of Safer Internet Day 2022

We have been learning about the importance of taking time to talk about life online. We discussed what worries us, what we should do about it and if we had the power to fix one online safety issue what would it be and how would we do it. 

Computing Year 5

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Y1 Digital Footprint

Image of Y1 Digital Footprint

As part of ‘Safer Internet Day’ Year 1 learnt about what a digital footprint is. They discovered that a digital footprint is a trail that we leave behind every time we go online.  We learnt that websites can record that we have visited sites.  Knowing our digital footprint is part of staying…

Computing Year 1

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