Safer Internet Day 2022

Image of Safer Internet Day 2022

We have been learning about the importance of taking time to talk about life online. We discussed what worries us, what we should do about it and if we had the power to fix one online safety issue what would it be and how would we do it. 

Computing Year 5

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Y1 Digital Footprint

Image of Y1 Digital Footprint

As part of ‘Safer Internet Day’ Year 1 learnt about what a digital footprint is. They discovered that a digital footprint is a trail that we leave behind every time we go online.  We learnt that websites can record that we have visited sites.  Knowing our digital footprint is part of staying…

Computing Year 1

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Image of Spreadsheets

In their computing lessons, Year 4 are learning how to use and create spreadsheets. They have been using the formula wizard to help them create formulas. They enjoyed learning to how to use a spreadsheet to create a Maths game. 

Computing Year 4

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Reaching Out in Anti Bullying Week 2022

Image of Reaching Out in Anti Bullying Week 2022

This week the Year 2 children have been learning about what bullying is and the feelings associated with bullying for all those involved. The children have been finding out that it can also happen online as well as offline. The children took photos of each other then edited the photos to add a…

Computing Year 2 HRSE

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Creating Invitations

Image of Creating Invitations

In English the Year 2 children have been looking at the features of a formal invitation. Today they used their computing skills to create a template for a formal invitation that they will use in future lessons to write their own formal invitation.


English Computing Year 2

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Computing Club

Image of Computing Club

At the first Computing Club of this half term the Key Stage 2 children were coding. They created code to create a dance party. They were led through multiple challenges by coding experts from the dance and music industry. They made characters move, change size and change colour. They also added…

Computing Computing club Wraparound

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Self portraits on the iPads

Image of Self portraits on the iPads

In our Computing session Reception were learning how to name and save their own work using the iPads. They used their finger to choose the colours they wanted to use and then drew a self portrait after looking in the mirror. The children then gave their picture a name and saved it to the Reception…

Computing Reception

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Safer Internet Day 2022 in Year 2

Image of Safer Internet Day 2022 in Year 2

Year 2 reflected on what they do online and how they treat others online when they are communicating with them. They worked in groups to think of things they could say online that would be respectful to others then they designed a character for a new game of their choice.


Computing Year 2

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Safer Internet Day 2022

Image of Safer Internet Day 2022

Year 5 have been learning all about safer gaming and came up with guidelines on how to stay safe when gaming. They had lots of fabulous advice from not giving out any personal information to strategies for what to do if people are being mean. All the children had so much to contribute to our class…

Computing Curriculum enrichment

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Internet Safety Day 2022

Image of Internet Safety Day 2022

The theme for internet safety day this year was, ‘All the fun and games’. Year 4 worked in teams to design and make an online game designed for children to teach them about playing games online safely. 


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