Nativity scene

Year 2 children have been painting the Nativity scene today to mark the Epiphany tomorrow.

Their paintings will be entered into a competition

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Kindness elf

There is a very naughty elf in Nursery!!

This week he has drawn on the children's faces, painted the window,

made a hole in the ceiling and kidnapped the "kindness elf", put toilet roll all over the room

and hid in the rainbow cloud. Today he has eaten all the chocolate in the…

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First Holy Communion programme

Shortly after Christmas the children in Year Three will be invited to join the First Holy Communion programme.

This will involve a commitment to Sunday mornings for up to ten weeks before they make their First Holy Communion.

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Event at Lakes College, Lillyhall

Y6 were privileged to attend an exciting event at Lakes College, Lillyhall this morning with the “Bloodhound” engineering team. BLOODHOUND SSC is a unique, high-technology project to design and build a car that will break the 1,000mph barrier and set a new world land speed record

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Honister Slate Mine

Year 3 have had a truly awesome day at Honister Slate Mine! They even got to fill their pockets with Slate!

The guide today commented on what a great bunch the children were, well behaved and he was impressed with their knowledge. A few conquered fears of the dark, even the adults!

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A day at Tullie House

Reception enjoyed an exciting day at Tullie House yesterday as part of their topic on traditional tales.

They took part in a creative session learning about castles. They had lots of fun exploring the museum,

dressing up, creating stories and making castles, shields and flags.

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United Utilities

Year 4 enjoyed a workshop from United Utilities this morning. We have learnt all the different ways we use water, ways we can save water, where our water comes from and how the water cycle works.

We have all made promises about how we are going to try and save water and will keep a record of…

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School Council Meeting

The School Council met for the first time on Thursday 9th November.

They discussed how important their roles are as councilors and how they have to work together with the rest of the shool.

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Reception children were learning about Chinese New Year as part of their work about celebrations.

They found out about some of the traditions, tasted some Chinese food, watched a video

of a dragon dance, ordered numbers on a Chinese dragon and made some lanterns.

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