Library Visit Y5

Image of Library Visit Y5

Year 5 visited Egremont library yesterday. They returned books they had previously borrowed then browsed the shelves for something new to read. A lot of children chose Christmas books including cookery and craft ones. They learnt the importance of returning a book to the shelf with the spine…

Year 5 Reading

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New Books

Image of New Books

Our Reading Ambassadors have been busy this week. They were very excited to accept delivery of the new books from each class’ wish list. They organised them into piles then stamped them with the school stamp.

English Reading

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Books, glorious books!

Image of Books, glorious books!

Our Reading Ambassadors met with our Head to present the findings from their research about the provision of books in our class libraries throughout school. They were allocated a budget to buy some of the books from the wish list so they took a trip out to our local book shop to buy some new books…

English Reading

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Pumpkin soup

Image of Pumpkin soup

After reading the story, ‘Pumpkin Soup’ the children drew their favourite character, either the cat, squirrel or duck. We then talked about what feeling they showed in certain parts of the story, was it angry, sad, happy, excited or scared? The children included this on their picture and then…

English Reception Reading

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Reading Excitement

Image of Reading Excitement

A very exciting day! During half term the new ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ was released. Our little bookworm has been counting down the days until it’s release and was very excited to nip into town on release day to buy it. He finished reading the book before he even got back home and has read it…

Year 4 Reading

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Golden Ticket

Image of Golden Ticket

Congratulations to Archie who found a ‘Golden Ticket’ when we visited Egremont Library. The ticket was hidden within a book as part of celebrations for Roald Dahl Day.  Archie was lucky that it was within his chosen book. The Library have sent Archie his prize of his own Road Dahl book to keep!…

English Year 1 Reading

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Summer Reading Challenge 2023

Image of Summer Reading Challenge 2023

Congratulations to our children who took part in the Summer Reading Challenge organised by the Reading Agency Team and public libraries across the UK. This year, The Reading Agency teamed up with Youth Sport Trust for 'Ready, Set, Read! ' a sports and games themed Challenge themed around the power…

English Latest News Reading

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Y6 Reading Selfies!

Image of Y6 Reading Selfies!

Y6 have been enjoying their class novel Rooftoppers by Katharine Randell. It’s inspired them to explore the books available to them in our classroom library. They have shared their thoughts, ideas and experiences of reading with our Reading Ambassadors and this feedback will help to inform the…

Year 6 Reading

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Reading Ambassadors

Image of Reading Ambassadors


Today our Reading Ambassadors met to discuss how we can raise the profile of reading in our school and how to inspire children to immerse themselves in a book. We agreed that each class needed some different books in their class library that were more in keeping with the interests of the…

English Reading

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Year 3 visit to the Egremont Library

Image of Year 3 visit to the Egremont Library

Year 3 enjoyed a wet walk to the library. It didn’t stop us from going to broaden our reading! We love new books to take home. Well done Year 3! The librarian even commented on how smart, sensible and respectful we are. True St. Bridget’s children, so proud.

Year 3 Reading

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