Year 5 Library Visit

Image of Year 5 Library Visit

Year 5 enjoyed their trembly visit to Egremont Library today. They returned their books from last time and chose a new one. They read the blurb to help them decide if they would be interested in it. Once they had chosen book they had some quiet time to sit and enjoy it. 

English Year 5 Reading

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Summer Term Library Visit

Image of Summer Term Library Visit

Year 4 visited their local library this morning. They were able to return or renew their books from their last visit. Next they perused the shelves and chose a book to withdraw and take home to read. Some children found it difficult to choose because there were so many fabulous books to choose…

Year 4 Reading Curriculum enrichment

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World Book Day in Year 2 2023

Image of World Book Day in Year 2 2023

What a wonderful day we had in Year 2 for World Book Day! We used our class text ‘The Rhythm of the Rain’ to inspire us to create our own rhythm of the rain using body percussion. Then we read some more of the text pausing at the point where the main character, Issac, followed his jar to the…

English Year 2 Reading

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World Book Day Y4 2023

Image of World Book Day Y4 2023

For World Book Day, Year 4 studied the poem ‘Caged Bird’ by Maya Angelou. First we found out about Maya Angelou, which helped us understand the poem. After reading the poem together, we discussed the central themes and messages of the poem and the different poetic devices and vocabulary used to…

English Year 4 Reading

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Year 3 World Book Day fun

Image of Year 3 World Book Day fun

Year 3 had a great time on World Book day: Reading about spies in our class text, Operation Gadgetman, we considered what spies might need in their spy kit. We created wonderful periscopes, thanks to Mrs Williams for providing us with some templates, we had no need to use scissors to cut tough…

Year 3 Nursery Reading

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