Local Poet Visit

Image of Local Poet Visit

Year 4 had a fabulous morning working with Lucy Burnett, a local poet. They read a range of poems written by different poets aloud and were able to respond about how each one made them feel. Lucy then shared lots of different ways to write poetry and showed us how much fun it is to be creative…

English Year 4 Curriculum enrichment

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Let’s Dance Competition 2023

Image of Let’s Dance Competition 2023

After lots of preparation, Year 4 took part in the Let’s Dance Competition alongside children from local schools. They performed a group dance, two solos and one duet in front of an audience and judges. They were fantastic! Well done to our dancers who were awarded ‘most creative dancer’ and ‘most…

Physical Education Year 4

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Saint Joseph’s Day 2023

Image of Saint Joseph’s Day 2023

Year 4 celebrated Saint Joseph’s day today as he is our class Saint. 

We learned about how important Saint Joseph is to many Christian’s from all around the world and about the different ways different countries celebrate on St Joseph’s Day. We even tried a traditional St Joseph’s Day…

Religious Education Year 4 Class Saints

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Year 4 Olympian Circuits

Image of Year 4 Olympian Circuits

Year 4 were very pleased to meet Team GB athlete Chris Bennett this afternoon. He told us some very interesting stories about his experiences as an athlete. 

Miss Mancebo was very impressed with the Year 4 athletic prowess demonstrated in the sponsored athletics circuits. 

Physical Education Year 4

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Working Scientifically

Image of Working Scientifically

As part of Science Week, Year 4 have been learning about the digestive system. Today they were working scientifically. We decided what our variables were then created a model of the human digestive system. We hypothesised that the faeces would be affected by the diet. 

Science Year 4

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Woodmatters 2023 pt2

Image of Woodmatters 2023 pt2

Year 4 learned about the runic alphabet and had to decipher the instructions written in runes to find out how to make ink in the same way as the Anglo-Saxons. They also learned how parchment was made then made their own quill which they used to write their own message using the runic alphabet. 

Year 4 History Curriculum enrichment

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Hands on History

Image of Hands on History

Year 4 throughly enjoyed a day at Woodmatters learning about the Anglo-Saxon and Viking struggle for the kingdom of England. They re-enacted the entire period in history and battle formations using a range of artefacts. They had opportunities to use historical vocabulary and learn Norse words. 

Year 4 History

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Year 4 Wonder at the Wonderdome

Image of Year 4 Wonder at the Wonderdome

Year 4 enjoyed their time in the Wonderdome (a 3D mobile planetarium). They learned all about space exploration - past, present and the future - and the search to answer the question about life on other planets. It was a thrilling experience. They ended the session by listening to a scientifically…

Science Year 4

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