Sewing Fastenings

As part of of our D&T project, Year 4 have been learning about different fastenings. They have all learned how to sew a button, a press stud and a zip onto fabric using different stitching techniques. A very useful life skill to possess. 

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Library Visit

Year 4 enjoyed a visit to their local library. They were reminded how to locate and return books on the shelves using the numerical reference number and shown how to use the new self-serve book withdrawal and return system.  Before they left, they listened to a story. Everyone agreed that the…

English Curriculum enrichment

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St Joseph’s Day 2022

Our class Saint is St Joseph so to celebrate St Joseph’s Day tomorrow, we have been learning all about why St Joseph is such an inspiration, about traditions around the world and we even tated some food traditionally eaten on St Joseph’s Day. 

Religious Education

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Professor Pumpernickel’s Science Show Y4

Year 4 had a fantastic time at Professor Pumpernickel’s Science show. We learnt about lots of different areas of Science in a fun and entertaining way.  The Professor’s demonstrations left us with our mouths open in wonder.  It gave everyone a real buzz about Science and how Science is behind…


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Strudda Bank Farm Year 4

As part of Science Week, Year 4 visited Strudda Bank Farm to learn more about the theme ‘Growth’. We enhanced our understanding of the cycle of life and how to live a sustainable life, being more self-sufficient and avoiding waste. Farmer Kev shared his wealth of knowledge and experience about…

Science HRSE Curriculum enrichment

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Year 4 Support Ukraine

Year 4 have been discussing and debating the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and exploring the impact this has worldwide. They showed their support by dressing up in the colours of the Ukraine flag and joining in with the cake sale to raise funds for the crisis in Ukraine. 


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