Internet Safety Day 2022

The theme for internet safety day this year was, ‘All the fun and games’. Year 4 worked in teams to design and make an online game designed for children to teach them about playing games online safely. 


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Mama Mia

Year 4 have been learning about ABBA in music. They are learning the lyrics to Mama Mia and enjoy a little bit of boogie while they sing a long. 


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Latitude and Longitude

Year 4 have been learning now to use coordinates to find the exact location of places around the world. They used an atlas to find the latitude and longitude coordinates. 


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Wild Rivers Field Trip 3 (2021)

We all had a go at pond dipping. We disturbed the riverbed to release invertebrates then captured a sample of the water so that we could make observations of any living organisms. We then used the scale to determine how fresh and unpolluted the water in the River Ehen is. 

Science Geography

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