Library Visit Y5

Image of Library Visit Y5

Year 5 visited Egremont library yesterday. They returned books they had previously borrowed then browsed the shelves for something new to read. A lot of children chose Christmas books including cookery and craft ones. They learnt the importance of returning a book to the shelf with the spine…

Year 5 Reading

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Panathlon Year 5

Image of Panathlon Year 5

Congratulations to the Y5 children who took part in a Panathlon today coming in 2nd place. They enjoyed playing a selection of throwing, catching and target games. They all showed excellent Sportsmanship skills and were a credit to our school.

Physical Education Year 5

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Fencing in Year 5

Image of Fencing in Year 5

Year 5 had a fantastic time learning how to fence during our workshop. They learnt how to travel forwards and backwards, how to defend themselves and how to attack their opponent. All the children said they enjoyed this new experience.

Physical Education Year 5

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Lowry Art Workshop in Year 5

Image of Lowry Art Workshop in Year 5

This morning Y5 took part in a Lowry Art Workshop. They learnt about the artist Lowry and how he liked to paint industrial scenes of towns in the north of England including his home town Manchester. The children have made a diorama of the painting ‘Going to Work - 1943’. This will be on display in…

Year 5 Art

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Year 5 Investigate Square and Cube Numbers

Image of Year 5 Investigate Square and Cube Numbers

Year 5 have been investigating square and cube numbers. Using counters to investigate square numbers they found which numbers it was possible to make a complete square with. They found that 1, 4, 9, 16, 25,36,49 are square numbers up to 50. They soon realised that if you multiply a whole number by…

Maths Year 5

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Year 5 Working Scientifically

Image of Year 5 Working Scientifically

Year 5 were faced with the problem of separating a mixture of flour, raisins and sugar. They had to use their knowledge of separating mixtures to work out the best strategy. They soon realised it was easy to separate the raisins by sieving the mixture, but the flour and sugar were much more…

Science Year 5

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Year 5 Make Flat Bread

Image of Year 5 Make Flat Bread

Year 5 have been learning about different types of bread from around the world. Today we measured out ingredients to make flat bread and then enjoyed eating it with butter. We were all able to say what was different about this bread and why it didn’t rise. 

Year 5 Design and Technology

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