Kidz Fit in Y5/6

Image of Kidz Fit in Y5/6

The whole school have enjoyed a session with Kidz Fit. Years 5 and 6 worked together on a series of exercises including hula-hooping, different styles of jumping, one legged skipping and even some yoga! We learnt the importance of keeping our bodies healthy and by doing this it helps to keep our…

Physical Education Year 5 Year 6 PSHE

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Y5 Working Scientifically

Image of Y5 Working Scientifically

Year 5 used chopsticks to move cubes of jelly from one pate to another. The jelly cubes were the covered in cooking oil and the test was repeated. They had to work out how the oil changed the effect of the friction. 

Science Year 5

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Local Poet Visits Year 5

Image of Local Poet Visits Year 5

Year 5 have had a fantastic afternoon working with local poet Lucy Burnett. They studied 3 different poems and were able to express which one they liked best and why. They learnt lots of new vocabulary and were able to use this in their own weather poems. They also went outside to gather their own…

English Year 5

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Year 5 Cricket

Image of Year 5 Cricket

Today Year 5 had their 1st session of cricket. They learnt how to catch the ball effectively and how to hold a cricket bat correctly. They enjoyed short games which involved practicing their batting and fielding skills.

Physical Education Year 5

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STEM Story Time in Y5

Image of STEM Story Time in Y5

Year 5 took part in a live STEM session today. They learnt all about what an engineer does and had the privilege of listening to Helen and Drew telling has all about their careers as engineers. They learnt how important science, maths, engineering and technology are and were able to ask questions…

Science Maths Year 5 Design and Technology

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Year 5 Phunky Foods Ambassadors

Image of Year 5 Phunky Foods Ambassadors

Year 5 Phunky Foods Ambassadors gave an assembly today all about food waste. We learnt that everyday in the UK we throw away 24 million slices of bread, 5.9 million glasses of milk and 5.8 million potatoes. Our Ambassadors would like us all to try and waste less food by only serving up what we can…

Phunky Foods Year 5

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