Year 5 Forest School

The activity for this week was to build a sculpture that represented ‘Hopes’ for Year 6.  The children were unanimous in that they wanted challenge, calm and fun!  
This group of children chose to work mostly as a team, but then 2 children broke away and decided to worked independently.  The…

Year 5 D&T HRSE

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Y5 British Science Week 2021

As part of their topic on forces Y5 carried out an investigation to see how difficult it was to pick up maltesers, jelly cubes and jelly cubes covered in oil with chop sticks. They realised that the maltesers and the oily jelly cubes were the most difficult as there was less friction between the…

Science Year 5

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Children’s Mental Health Week 2021

During Mental Health awareness week Y5 learnt about the importance of Well being and made posters to show how this can be achieved. We discussed what we like doing to make us feel happy and made worry boxes to put all our worries in so we can focus on happy things instead.

Year 5 HRSE Home Learning

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