Making toast

Image of Making toast

In Reception we have been learning about time such as using timers and ordering things in a sequence. To end the week we made a numbered sequence of how to make toast in order. The children then followed this and made their own toast, including spreading their own butter and cutting the toast into…

Maths Reception

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Team games in Reception

Image of Team games in Reception

In Reception we have been learning how to play team games in PE. The children were split into two teams with one team turning the cones one way and the other team having to turn them back. We then counted up how many each team had at the end and one team was the winner! We learnt how to play as a…

Physical Education Reception

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How we have changed

Image of How we have changed

In Maths we have been learning about time and how time can be measured. We talked about the order of the day and how we sequence time and how things change. We then looked at the changes in ourselves over time and how we are very different to when we were a baby. Some of the children brought in…

Maths Reception

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Reception’s worry worms

Image of Reception’s worry worms

As it is Children’s Mental Health week, we have been talking about our worries. The children were introduced to some worry worms and told that if we held the worm and tell them our worries, we can talk through the worry and make it go away. Some children were worried about nightmares they had had…

Reception PSHE

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Safer internet day Reception

Image of Safer internet day Reception

In Reception we read the story, ‘Chicken clicking’ about a chick who spends all the farmer’s money without his permission online and then goes to meet someone they don’t know and have met online. We talked about the rules of being safe online and what we should do in certain situations and that we…

Computing Reception

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Reception visiting church

Image of Reception visiting church

In Reception we have been learning about different religions and places of worship. We looked at pictures of a church and the features they have inside and outside. We then went on a tour of our church next door, St Mary’s to look around inside. We looked at the statues, altar and big windows and…

Religious Education Reception

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Henri Matisse Art in Reception

Image of Henri Matisse Art in Reception

In Reception we were learning about the life of the famous artist Henri Matisse. The children then created their own art work using their imagination linked to this week’s story of ‘The Wonder’. They created some fabulous art using all their own ideas. 

Reception Art

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Number Day in Reception 2024

Image of Number Day in Reception 2024

For Number Day in Reception the children dressed in their own clothes with a number on or number theme. We have been learning about higher and lower numbers and have been playing the game, ‘play your cards right’. We played the game first in teams and then we played boys versus girls. The children…

Maths Reception

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