Nursery Maths and Computing

Image of Nursery Maths and Computing

Last week in Nursery we combined our computing and maths skills to complete a job. 

We were using the iPads on an interactive game of counting the ladybird spots. 

Lots of children were able to practise their subsidising skills for numbers 1-3, and some children were able to subsidise…

Maths Computing Nursery

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KIDZFIT in Reception

Image of KIDZFIT in Reception

Our Reception class took part in a fitness session with KIDZFIT and learnt how we can stay fit and healthy and how important exercise it. We were learning how to use our muscles in different parts of our body and how we need to look after ourselves. The children did lots of exercise and learnt…

Physical Education Reception Nursery

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Kidz Fit in Nursery

Image of Kidz Fit in Nursery

What a super time we have had doing the Kidzfit workshop today!

We have exercised our bodies, felt our heart beat and learnt more about healthy eating and keeping our bodies healthy. We know you need to eat 5 pieces of fruit or vegetables a day, drink 8 glasses of water a day and milk is also…

Physical Education Reception Nursery

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Baking in Nursery

Image of Baking in Nursery

Last week and this week we have been practising our baking skills in  Nursery.

Last week, we mixed together flour, sugar, butter and eggs to make cakes. We were also able to mix together some icing sugar and water and red food colouring to decorate our cakes, once they had cooled. 


Nursery Curriculum enrichment

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Nursery Name Writing

Image of Nursery Name Writing

Over the last few days we have been trying really hard at practising our name writing. We are working hard to form the letters in our names correctly.
Some of us have also been able to practise some of our phonics sounds too.

Best of all, we have loved being outside enjoying the sunshine and…


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Police visit to Nursery

Image of Police visit to Nursery

In Nursery we have been learning about people who help us. We have talked a lot about police, fire fighters, doctors, and teachers being people who can help us in different ways. Teachers can help us learn and doctors can help us when we feel poorly. 

This morning we were very lucky to have a…

Reception Nursery Curriculum enrichment

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Science Day in Nursery

Image of Science Day in Nursery

We have loved investigating gloop this week! we have used different amounts of cornstarch and water to creat different gloop textures. Some gloop felt watery and other gloop went very sticky. 

We also had a go at a lava lamp experiment! For this we used oil, water and dropped…

Science Nursery

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World Maths Day in Nursery

Image of World Maths Day in Nursery

We celebrated world maths day with the help of the numberblocks.
We practised our counting skills, counting the objects in the picture, we then used a peg to choose the correct numberblock for the amount.
Our challenge was to try and build the numberblock too! 

Maths Nursery

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Planting Seeds in Nursery

Image of Planting Seeds in Nursery

This week in Nursery, we have been planting seeds linked to our topic “How does your garden and it’s creatures grow” and our story “Jaspers Beanstalk”.
We have learnt that a seed needs soil, water and sun to grow. We can’t wait to see how big our plants will grow! 

Science Nursery

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Year 3 World Book Day fun

Image of Year 3 World Book Day fun

Year 3 had a great time on World Book day: Reading about spies in our class text, Operation Gadgetman, we considered what spies might need in their spy kit. We created wonderful periscopes, thanks to Mrs Williams for providing us with some templates, we had no need to use scissors to cut tough…

Year 3 Nursery Reading

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