Nursery’s Elf week two

Image of Nursery’s Elf week two

The naughty elf was back in Nursery again on Monday and causing trouble. He had tied up Elsa and jumped onto our reading tent. Luckily Elsa was ok, but maybe she will get her own back this week........


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Nursery’s fun outdoors

Image of Nursery’s fun outdoors

Our Nursery class love to play outdoors in all weathers. We have waterproofs and wellies to wear or the children can bring their own. Here are some pictures of our fun this week. 


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Fairy cakes

Image of Fairy cakes

The children made some fairy cakes for the fairy. They decorated them and left one by her door and the next day it was gone. They took the other cakes home to eat. Yum yum!


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Friday’s Elf

Image of Friday’s Elf

Friday’s Elf has been up to no good! He made his own hot air balloon with a pair of Nursey’s underpants and was floating around the classroom. Luckily he can now sleep for the weekend after his long week of mischief, but he will be back on Monday and up to his old…

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Nursery Elf watch!

Image of Nursery Elf watch!

That Naughty Elf has been up to no good again in Nursery. He has been hiding in our bubble machine and painting on our windows. What will he be up to tomorrow for the end of the week? 


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Nursery’s Elf

Image of Nursery’s Elf

Today when the children came into Nursery, the Naughty Elf had wrapped toilet roll around our Christmas tree and was sat laughing with the rest of it in his hand. One of our Nursery children shouted at him, “Get down!” but he didn’t. What will he be up to…

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Nursery’s naughty Elf

Image of Nursery’s naughty Elf

On his first day in Nursery, the Naughty Elf was up to no good. He had squirted tomato sauce all over the Paw Patrol dogs. What are we going to do with him?


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Dinosaur fossils

Image of Dinosaur fossils

In Nursery we have been looking at the topic of dinosaurs. The children made their own dinosaur fossils using salt dough. They printed dinosaur bones or footprints. After they had been baked the children could take them home, but they had to be reminded not to eat them!! Maybe some of them will…

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Nursery's Star of the Week

Image of Nursery's Star of the Week

This week's Star of the week in Nursery is Henry. He has really enjoyed our dinosaur topic over the last few weeks and has shown his creative skills. He has been using his imagination to retell dinosaur stories using the small world dinosaurs too. Well done!


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Dinosaurs in Nursery!

Image of Dinosaurs in Nursery!

Nursery have been learning about dinosaurs. We have been digging for dinosaur bones, making dinosaur footprints, playing with toy dinosaurs, making dinosaur fossils and also making play dough eggs. We also had an egg appear in Nursery that we watched each day and, when it finally cracked, out came…

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Pudsey bear visiting Nursery

Image of Pudsey bear visiting Nursery

Pudsey Bear came to visit our Nursery on our Children in Need day. The children wore their own clothes and donated a £1 towards Children in Need. The children loved seeing Pudsey, although some were a little bit scared to have their photo with him! The children were very excited when they saw this…

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