Pirate day 2021

We had some pirate fun in Nursery to finish our topic of Pirates. We played games, did some pirate dancing, went on a treasure hunt for gold chocolate coins and had some party food. Arghhh me hearties! 

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Pirate parrots

The children have been making pirate parrot finger puppets this week with felt. They picked their own colours for the parrot and his beak, glued their own eyes on and added a colourful feather. Let’s hope they don’t turn into talking parrots when they get home. 


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Nursery love music

In Nursery we have a weekly musical instrument sessions where the children have the chance to play and listen to a variety of instruments. We learn how too play fast and slow and quiet and loud and also sing and play the instruments at the same time. We definitely have some budding musicians. 


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