Electricity Workshop

Image of Electricity Workshop

Year 4 took part in an electricity workshop. They learned lots more about power and sustainable power sources. After learning about the universal symbols used for electricity, they drew then made an made an electrical circuit. Finally, they investigated the effects of changing different variables…

Science Year 4

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Paralympic in School

Image of Paralympic in School

We were very privileged today to meet Paralympic Footballer Jonathan Paterson. We took part in an activate session with the whole school. We had to carry out four exercises for a whole minute each: ‘Spotty Dog’, ‘Leg Drives’,  ‘Push-Ups’ and ‘Star Jumps’. Jonathan told us about himself and his…

Physical Education Year 4

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Image of Climatologists

As part of their geography topic ‘Map Skills’, Year 4 have been learning about the different climates around the world. They have been using maps in an atlas and online to investigate the range of environmental regions and how this impacts habitation. They have been thinking about which climate…

Year 4 Geography

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