Image of Run Club
20 April 2023

Run Club

Super effort from everyone today at Run Club in the glorious sunshine. After our warm up game, the children carried out some skills drills to develop a strong running technique. Next they practised finding their own personal endurance pace. Finally, we held a relay where they had to work as part…

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Image of Phunky foods after school club KS2
16 October 2022

Phunky foods after school club KS2

This half term Phunky foods club has been for our KS2 children. We have made oaty biscuits, bread, tortilla pizzas, granola fruit salad and even chocolate muffins. We spoke about healthy options and the importance of exercise too. The children learnt new skills such as cutting with a knife,…

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Image of KS2 Rounders Club
5 July 2022

KS2 Rounders Club

KS2 children have enjoyed learning how to play rounders in our after school club. They have learnt batting and fielding skills and all enjoyed playing lots of matches.


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Image of Computing Club
9 June 2022

Computing Club

At the first Computing Club of this half term the Key Stage 2 children were coding. They created code to create a dance party. They were led through multiple challenges by coding experts from the dance and music industry. They made characters move, change size and change colour. They also added…

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