African Drumming with Zozo

Image of African Drumming with Zozo

Today we welcomed back Zozo to continue our learning playing African Drums. We learnt about the syllables in our names and used the Djembe (drums) to create the beats. We learnt how to hold an open hand position on the Djembe.  Zozo taught a new song about a chicken and we loved putting actions to…

Year 1 Music

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African Drums

Image of African Drums

Year 1 took part in an African Drumming workshop today with master drummer Zozo. The children explored authentic African music and stories. They were encouraged to use teamwork, expression and improvisation. In addition to this, they explored rhythms and had a whole lot of fun. Drumming and rhythm…

Latest News Year 1 Music Other Cultures

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Ukulele in Year 5

Image of Ukulele in Year 5

Year 5 have been learning how to play the Ukulele this year. They have learnt how to read music and were able to perform a selection of songs to the rest of the school. Everyone enjoyed listening to them.

Year 5 Music

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Earthsong Project

Image of Earthsong Project

Today, Year 4 participated in the Earthsong Project ‘River of Life’. This is a local arts project; a celebration of the river and our connection with the environment. A local composer (Dave Camlin) worked with Year 4 to generate ideas and lyrics for a song to be performed at Longlands Lake on…

Music Curriculum enrichment

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Mama Mia

Image of Mama Mia

Year 4 have been learning about ABBA in music. They are learning the lyrics to Mama Mia and enjoy a little bit of boogie while they sing a long. 


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A Rumpus in Reception!

Image of A Rumpus in Reception!

Our topic of Where the Wild Things Are has come to an end! We have used Story Telling Language to improve the words we use when we tell and write stories.  We have created environments that included islands and seaweed for magical creatures and had lots of fun thinking about Wild Things!  We…

Reception Music

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Year 2 learn to play the glockenspiel

Image of Year 2 learn to play the glockenspiel

In their music lessons Year 2 children have been listening to and appraising songs about friendship. As part of this work they have been learning to play the glockenspiel so they can accompany one of the friendship songs.



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Nursery love music

Image of Nursery love music

In Nursery we have a weekly musical instrument sessions where the children have the chance to play and listen to a variety of instruments. We learn how too play fast and slow and quiet and loud and also sing and play the instruments at the same time. We definitely have some budding musicians. 


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Music in Y6

Image of Music in Y6

In our music lessons we have been listening to various songs and different styles of music. We have been learning about the tempo and dynamics of the songs and appraising the sounds we hear. This week we loved listening to the music of the Carpenters and after appraising their work we designed new…

Year 6 Music

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Image of Choir

After school junior choir was rocking tonight with a playlist ranging from Queen to Stormzy!  We enjoyed some fun vocal warmups and simply having a great time together.  Mrs Robson and Miss Deans look forward to seeing you all next week and if anyone else wants to join please come…


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