Y1 have enjoyed a diverse British Science Week.  The start of the week involved exploring plants and setting up an investigation to answer what they need to grow.  Everyone planted a bean plant and we are busy conducting daily observations to watch their progress.  We also explored the human skeleton with of course some help from our very own Harold the Skeleton (he’s quite the celebrity in Year 1).  We talked about what the job of the skeleton is and what would life be without it.  We used a coat hanger to show how it helps clothing to have shape and supports it; we then compared this to our skeleton. Very kindly Wilson’s Butchers in Egremont gave us a selection of bones to explore ( we used gloves to do this).  The children observed the bone samples and worked out where they belonged on the body.  The children were fascinated with the different roles some bones play in the body particularly the rib cage.  Many were impressed with the strength of the bones.  Our lesson ended with discussing how we can make sure our bones are as healthy as possible.  The week was rounded off listening to The Funny Bones story by Alan Ahlberg.  Top work Year 1 scientists. 


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