During this week we have talked and learnt about differences!  We remembered our work during Lockdown about how important it is to ‘be ourselves!’  We listened to The Ugly Duckling story and the children said how unkind the other ducklings were to him!  We watched the Ollie and Daisy video about making friends with Theo, a little boy who has Autism.  We talked a lot about what we like to do and how we learn best.  We understood that for some people, learning is different and they may not like noise or a change in routine!  They may find it hard if they are asked a lot of questions or if they feel crowded in.

We then remembered that we have looked before at people being treated unfairly.  We learnt about this during Black History Month before Christmas!

Our Reception children were intuitive and wise with their responses to questions.  They felt very strongly that we had to make something to tell everyone that it is important to treat others, no matter who they are, fairly and with kindness!  Please look at the video on our Facebook Page to see what we produced! 

Please look out for each other and be a good friend! 

Treat Everyone With Kindness


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