The Class Dojo has been a huge success!  Children have been able to comment about the activities set.  I have been able to challenge them further with some of their responses!  We started our home learning with Rainbows, which has become a theme throughout Lockdown and we had just finished our Topic, ‘Whatever the Weather,’ during which we had learnt the Rainbow song ... so this worked perfectly!  I read a poem to the children every lunchtime and today I found a poem written by a teacher over the last few weeks, which was called Rainbow Children about the children living through this pandemic!  The Dojo has enabled me to continue to monitor and support children’s learning and see their progress, whilst supporting their grown ups who are doing the most incredible job with them!  ‘As for the videos and notes you have been sending, I personally would be lost without the help and support we are getting from yourself,’ one parent commented.  A prime area of learning for our youngest children is Personal, Social and Emotional Development and during such a tricky time, this kind of learning can be even harder.  For me, maintaining that link with the lovely children in my class is vital to ensure this development and learning remains intact and continues to flourish.  Another comment from a parent consolidates this, ‘ thank you for all you are doing for them, it helps a lot and is very much appreciated! We are finding your videos really good.  I think when she hears you asking her to do an activity she is more likely to do it as she wants to know what Mrs Boggon thought of her work.  The activities are fun and we all love Storytime!  It’s lovely to have that school link every day and really lovely of you to do extra stories at the weekend!’  The children send some fabulous happy, smiley photos and are enjoying their learning, ‘She loves getting a comment on the photos of the work we send in.  That always makes her smile!’ said another parent.

This continuity for the children has been so successful because of the amazing support and enthusiasm of the whole school community!  So, Rainbow Reception children, keep singing, laughing and working hard and we will all meet again to make our rainbow complete again very, very soon!