Pupil questionnaire results

Year 1:

“I enjoy school because there are no issues and I don’t cry at school.”

“I love school because teachers are kind to me.”

“The school is the best school.”

“I love school because I love the teachers.”

Year 2:

“I feel really safe at school. It is really fun at school.”

“I enjoy school so much.”

“The school is awesome.”

“I love all the trips we go on.”

Year 3:

“This school is 100% amazing. We love the headteacher and very talented cook – they have amazing food.”

“I know my teacher helps me in school because they give me a green or pink highlighter to say how I did.”

“The mile a day keeps me fit and healthy. My teacher also listens to our views and I like how I get taken care of.”

“I like how Mrs Smith sets up fun things for us and keeps our school healthy.”

“Staff in my school care about us and my teacher knows if I am doing well in my work. It always makes it fun when the equipment is there in the playground. I really like the staff.”

Year 4:

“I like school because I have a brilliant teacher and lots of friends.”

“I love school and Mrs Newby is a great teacher. This school is the best school ever!”

“I love school because I learn something new every day and then my family knows something new and I have lots of friends.”

“I love being at school. My teachers keep me safe.”

“I love my work and all of the adults are kind to me.”

Year 5:

“I really enjoy school. In this school I get a really good education and I have the most amazing friends.”

“I love my school, I love meeting my friends and love maths.”

“I enjoy all the sports activities.”

“I love school and look forward to coming.”

“Since I came here, I am better at reading and writing.”

“The thing I enjoy the most is computing.”

Year 6:

“At school I really like all the work because a lot of the time it gives me a challenge! Also, I like playing with my friends.”

“I also think that all the teacher should get a day off because they work really hard.”

“I think the Head Girl and Beacons are a great opportunity.”

“Everything in my school is amazing, the teachers are very kind and understanding. I am glad I come to this school.”

“The staff in this school are very kind, helpful and always listen to what you have to say.”

“I really enjoy going to school because it is mostly enjoyable and highly educational. I love going to afterschool club because the teachers are really fun and there is lots of things to do. Our staff do their very best to make sure that we are safe and in my opinion they work their very hardest.”

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