Results of Parent Questionnaire – June 2018

Positive comments

  • “St. Bridget’s School has been a fantastic school for my son. The Head and staff are all such good role models for the children, encouraging, caring, considerate and taking time for each and every child.”
  • “I feel St. Bridget’s is an excellent school on all levels. Well done and a big thank you to all staff, teachers and management who are keeping it going to a high standard.”
  • “St. Bridget’s is a fantastic school and I will always recommend it to others. My daughter has had the best start to her education and that is all down to the teachers and Headteacher. Amazing, and we’re both going to miss you all!”
  • “St. Bridget’s is a fantastic school which offers the child everything they need in a supportive, safe environment. My child enjoys her time at school.”
  • “I’ve had three children with additional needs attend St. Bridget’s. I cannot thank the school enough for their role in teaching my children and preparing them for the transition to secondary school.”
  • “A great, friendly school where you are always made to feel welcome.”
  • “I cannot thank and respect the school enough for the level of care, understanding and respect shown towards my child’s health.”
  • “Keep shining in everything you do.”
  • “Best decision we have made moving our children to St. Bridget’s.”
  • “The school environment has a positive atmosphere and my child loves coming to school. I think the children are encouraged to achieve their best in an extremely nurturing school.”
  • “Absolutely amazing school.”
  • “My child has additional needs and I can see how he is valued alongside his peers. Staff communicate regularly so to move his learning on. Area that motivate him are used to advance his learning. Most importantly to us as a family, my child feels loved at school therefore he is happy to go. The continuity of care to meet his needs is clear with how well staff manage his complex needs. We will always appreciate how staff, including the Headteacher, fought for him to receive 1:1 support he needed to be able to achieve alongside his peers.”


  • “Perhaps school could set up an Instagram page for those parents who are not on Facebook.”
  • “I don’t like how the year 2 class and all of the juniors go in the front door in the morning. Makes it very difficult for everyone especially if we need to get to the office about an issue.”
  • “Children with individual above average attendance to be acknowledged as well as a whole class. I have a child who has a good attendance and am sure she would appreciate acknowledgement i.e. a certificate.”

In response to these suggestions:

  • Please be informed that every post put on our Facebook page also appears on our website and is therefore available to all parents. We unfortunately haven’t the man power to add another social media outlet at the moment.
  • We have thought long and hard about the way children come into school in the morning. Since Junior children come through the front door and line up in the hall, we have had no incidences of poor behaviour and the children are calm and ready to go to class. Due to the position of the Year 2 classroom, they too need to use the front door as an entrance and exit way.
  • Children who have 100% attendance at the end of the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms receive individual certificates. At the end of the year, children whose attendance is 96% or above will also receive an individual certificate. This way any child with above average attendance receives recognition for it.

Parent Questionnaire