Mental Health Awareness Week

Random Acts of Kindness

The children in Reception have risen to the challenge of carrying out a random act of kindness each day!  They have prepared celebrations for their pets, made cups of tea for their parents, cooked food, made cards, written letters and helped with the house work.  They…

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Victorious in celebrating VE Day in Lockdown

Reception Children create VE Day Bunting

Throughout School Closure the children have maintained strong links with school on a daily basis!  We were keen to make sure we were able to celebrate this very special historical event and so the challenge set for the Reception children was to create…

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Fun with our new resources!

We are so lucky to have completely new furniture in our classroom.  We also have lots of new toys to help us with our learning.  We are having lots of fun and enjoying ourselves!  Thank you!

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We have had lots of fun going on shape treasure hunts.  We then made shapes out of pasta and marshmallows - it was a sticky, tricky business but we really enjoyed it and we learnt all the shape names.  We even tried to make a circle from the pasta but soon realised the pasta needed to be soft to…

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The Gruffalo

We have had lots of fun learning about the Julia Donaldson stories.  We looked at the Gruffalo and made some Gruffalo crumble.  Some of us thought it was delicious, some of us didn’t like it at all!  We acted out the rhyme about the big bad mouse too!


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